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Hello. I am a Korean member. I bought your wonderful products yesterday. However, I have a problem and I ask you a question. I am not good at English. So I use a translator. I’m sorry.

After I purchased the product, I downloaded the “AE juis manager” and suddenly the “After effect 2018” and “Adobe photos” are not executed correctly. I’m in a lot of trouble. I’m can’t my editing.

So I deleted it. “AE Juice manager” “After Effect 2018” “Adobe photoop 2018”

I deleted these three programs and reinstalled them. But the program does not work.

“After effect 2018,” “Adobe photoop2018.” They say: “Crashed.”

  • This is how I deleted the “AE juice manager”.

(C :) – Program Files – Adobe – Adobe after effects CC 2018 – Support Files – Plug-ins

I have deleted the “AE juice manager” folder on this path and would like to ask if there is anything else I need to delete.

I’d like to hear back from you, please.

Hi, please send a screenshot or a video of the crash at but Adobe Photoshop is not related to the Pack Manager in any way, the reason is in something else.

I have a pre-sale question about the license: can I use this pack for my YouTube channel? I see in the license that I can only use this pack in a “single end product”, but what if I’d like to add these effects to multiple videos on my YouTube channel? Thanks!

Hi, answered via email. Thank you.

Hi whenever I try to active the manager it just says “you have entered a purchase code from the Shapes Element Pack. It is already activated on this computer.” But still, I can’t use the pack and just directs me to buy or active

I’m sorry you’re experiencing an issue.

Please download the latest plug-in at and delete these 2 files (with closed After Effects):

Mac /Users/<userName>/Library/Application Support/AEJuice/Pack Manager/ packmanager3.dat and packmanager3.prd If you do not see Library folder, press Go – Library in Finder

Windows C:\Users\<username>\Application Data\AEJuice\Pack Manager\ packmanager3.dat and packmanager3.prd

It must help.

Please, reset my licence? _

Hi, you can activate Videohive license on 2 computers. However, you can transfer you license to AEJuice Please let me know if you have any questions or need help. Contact us at and attach you license key. Thanks.