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Shape Elements

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    An interesting fact about Shape Elements is that we hadn’t planned to put it on sale. It was one of our internal projects within our studio that was used to boost workflow and increase productivity.

    In 2014, it was revealed to the public for the first time and met with an amazing response. Then it went on to become one of our top selling projects. After undergoing thousands of tweaks and updates, along with feedback from clients incorporated into it, Shape Elements received multiple awards and gave us a chance to attract more talented illustrators, animators and programmers to continue innovations and move the industry forward. We are proud of the fact that it is now utilized by motion designers all over the world.

    The main aspect is the small details that make up all successful projects, and that is what is being focused on here. Moreover, it is perfectly integrated with Pack Manager, our free project manager plugin, which will skyrocket your experience to an unseen level.

    Project description:

    Project contains tool for motion designers: 777+ ready for use editable animated shape elements:

    • Circles x22
    • Impacts x22
    • Lines x22
    • Rectangles x22
    • Swishes x12
    • (New) 3D Lines x22 (pre-rendered, color and size are editable)
    • (New) 3D Strokes x22 (pre-rendered, color and size are editable)
    • (New) Musical Notes x22
    • (New) Formulas x22
    • (New) Hands x12 (fingers, colors, duration controls are available)
    • (New) Energy Elements x12
    • (New) Arrows x9
    • (New) Transitions x12
    • (New) Pluses x12
    • (New) 3D Elements x12
    • (New) Speech Bubbles x8
    • (New) Fireworks x4
    • (New) Map Markers x5
    • (New) Hands Transitions x3
    • (New) Hexagons x9
    • (New) Dashes x9
    • (New) SplashLand x22
    • (New) Ribbons x8
    • (New) Hand-drawn elements x22
    • (New) Go Places (6 animated backgrounds), 100+ animated elements

    Project features:

    • 777+ animated editable shape layers
    • All elements are with Alpha Channel
    • 17 sec Opener animation
    • 5 text holders and logo holder
    • You can edit all colors in few click
    • 5 Color palettes for intro
    • CS5+ compatibility
    • No Plugins Required
    • Full HD resolution
    • Sounds Effects are included
    • Fast Render
    • !All elements are resizable without loosing quality!

    Perfect for:

    • Colorful Intro
    • Typo Opener
    • 2D Text Animation Opener
    • Shape Animation Opener
    • Service Promotion

    Videohive Authors

    You can use Shape Elements in your Videohive project under follofing Terms.

    Projects using Shape Elements

    Additional information:

    Fonts are free to download, the links are in the purchase file.

    Music, 3D Earth. Some of the videos 2, 3

    Support If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us via our profile page.

    Why you should buy it right now?

    • - We keep up updating project: All of the future updates are free of charge. We are constantly improving our product.
    • - Exclusive project: you can buy it only on
    • - Pay no more: all fonts have a free license.
    • - Great support: because we care about our customers. We will help with any issue fast and 24/7!
    • - Key to success: the key to success is in the details. We have plenty of them!
    • - Well project organization: you don`t need to make additional movements
    • - Almost all elements are vector-based: you can scale without losing quality
    • - Save your time: you will add expression to your works with minimum efforts and maximum speed
    • - Creativity: It`s not just a template, it`s powerful tool with infinite opportunities. Combine it with your imagination.
    • - Multilanguage: Project works with any language version of after effects
    • - Over 2000 satisfied users: we want you to come again. We will do everything to make you happy!

    Change Log:

    Version 16-22

    Plug-in release and updates

    Version 16 (3/18/2016):

    - Improved stability, small bugs fixed

    Version 15 (10/16/2015):

    - Updated preview with more examples of use
    - NEW Category 3D Strokes (22)
    - NEW Category Go Places Category (100+ separate elements for your projects)
    - NEW Category Formulas (22)
    - NEW Category Musical Notes (22)
    - Added 18 Firewors elements

    Version 14 (6/22/2015):

    - 40% reduced project size
    - Speed increased 1.5 times

    Version 13 (3/22/2015):

    - Added 200 icons to Map Markers category

    Version 12 (12/18/2014):

    - Added 22 Hand drawn elements
    - Added 8 Ribbons

    Version 11 (11/22/2014):

    - Added Global Control of Shadows
    - Added Sound Effects to all elements
    - Added Bonus project with 4 Snow Particles

    Version 10 (10/22/2014):

    - Added 20 Color Palettes
    - Added 9 Dashes
    - Added 10 Halloween elements
    - Added 22 Splashes

    Version 9 (10/13/2014):

    - Added 9 Hexagons
    - Added 4 Handmade Transitions
    - Added 10 4K BackGrounds
    - Added 10 Color Palettes
    - Added few new guide layers

    Version 8 (9/23/2014):

    - Created comfortable online gallery.

    Version 7 (8/20/2014):

    - Added 50 Animated Elements to the Alphabet (numbers and symbols)
    - Added 3 Hand Transitons

    Version 6 (7/27/2014):

    - Added 5 Map Markers
    - Added 1 Animated Map from Screenshot 
    - Added Animated Alphabet (26 letters + 2 symbols)

    Version 5 (7/16/2014):

    - Added Global Color Controls
    - Added Guide Layers across all compositions
    - All Elements are trimmed by length and color coded now
    - Added 12 Pluses
    - Added 3D Elements
    - Added Speech Bubbles
    - Added 4 Fireworks

    Version 4 (6/30/2014):

    - Expressions are updated. Now project works with all languages of After Effects
    - Added 9 Arrows
    - Added 12 Transitions

    Version 3 (6/09/2014):

    - Added 12 Energy Elements
    - Added 1 Hand Animation
    - Added 9 Text Placeholders

    Version 2 (6/01/2014):

    - Added 22 3D Lines
    - Added 4 Hands

    Version 1 (5/26/2014):

    - Born of Shape Elements 
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