Shape Elements 2

Shape Elements 2

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Pack Manager 2.1

  • New Features
      - pause previews
      - show names
      - new sorting interface
      - resizable tabs (open as many packs at once as you like!)
      - settings (change fps, scroll speed etc)
  • Shape Elements 2 is sequel to Shape Elements. Second Part consists of 1000+ ready for use animated elements (elements don`t repeat, these are all new elements). Preview covers only half of all elements; there is also a list of elements in description below. Opener was created using ONLY Shape Elements 2.

    List of Elements:

    • Pre-made scenes x100
    • Circles x22
    • Impacts x22
    • Lines x22
    • Rectangles x22
    • Swishes x12
    • Shapes x44
    • Splashes x22
    • Confetti x4
    • Ouroborus x22
    • Stroke Elements x66
    • Sparks x22
    • Sunburst x22
    • Titles x22
    • 3D Strokes x44
    • 3D Objects x22
    • 3D Elements x22
    • Transitions x12
    • Tear Transitions x12
    • Graphic x2
    • Speech Bubbles x8
    • Fireworks x4
    • Fireworks Toolkit (sound effects are not included)
    • Maps x4
    • Messages Toolkit (Create different dialogues in few clicks; sound effects are not included, 10 pre-made dialogues included)
    • Brush Animated Alphabet x26 letters + x30 symbols + x10 numbers
    • Thin Animated Alphabet x26 letters + x30 symbols + x10 numbers
    • Hands with phones+UI x4
    • Fingers x5
    • Quick Tipsx22
    • Arrows x4
    • Color Palettes x30
    • BackGrounds x10
    • SplashLand x22
    • Examples from description

    Project features:

    • 1000+ animated elements
    • 100+ pre-made scenes, we found best combinations of elements
    • 1 after effects file to control all elements
    • All elements are with Alpha Channel
    • 22 sec Opener animation
    • 8 text holders and logo holder
    • You can edit all colors in few click
    • CS5+ compatibility
    • No Plugins Required
    • Full HD resolution
    • Sounds Effects for Opener are included
    • Fast Render
    • !Elements created with shapes are resizable without loosing quality!
    • 3 versions inside (30 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps)
    • Detailed and structured Help File
    • Universal Expressions (will work with any language version of After Effects)
    • Color coded layers
    • Quick Tips across project (PRO can delete them in one click from ALL comps, watch Help File)
    • Support 24/7

    Perfect for:

    • Daily Toolkit in your work
    • Colorful Intro
    • Typo Opener
    • 2D Text Animation Opener
    • Shape Animation Opener
    • Service Promotion

    Additional information:

    Font is free to download, the link is in the purchase file.

    Opener Sound Effects are included in the download file.