Discussion on Pictogram Character Kit

Discussion on Pictogram Character Kit

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Is “outline mode” possible with this item as shown here: I watched the videos on your video channel showing how to use this item (A. – F.) but I didn’t see this demonstrated. I would need to know before I purchase this. Thanks

Hi!! It’s possible, as all elements are shape layers, but it have to be done manually. You will have to enter comp by comp and edit its property.

It will not be so easy.

Hello, bought the template, I like it very much. I am an advanced AE user and I was able of customizing somethings easily, but it runs really slow it even freezes some times when I get into the character setup compositions, diasabling 3D draft helped a little but it is almost unusuable sometimes, I run the latest AE versión, version 22. Do you know of something I can do to make it quicker?

Hi!! Please check if the handles are active (ctrl+alt+U with viewport selected) and disable it.

If it’s not the problem, please share a screen recording to help me to understand.

Hello 2DeadFrog!

I love the product. So much work that must have gone into this.

I also have a problem: I opened the CC2017 template with CC 2020 (v17.7.0) and everything works well. But if I import the CC2017 template into an existing project (also created in v17.7.0) I get a lot of expression errors. Are the expressions somehow connected to the .aep file name?

Hi! Please check if your project is using the Legacy Expression Engine. JavaScript is not working in this project yet. To change it, on the project where you imported the template, just go to file / project setting / expression, and set it to legacy.

This project will also only work on AE with the english language. But it not seens to be your problem, since you don’t have any problem with the original AEP file.

Let me know if it fixed your problem. If not, please send me some screenshots.

All the best,


Ah yes! Of course.

I forgot about that option. Thank you! That fixed it.

I want to use your pictogram character kit for a webseries. There is no multi-use license available. I assume the single-use license is sufficiant for a web series, as long as the template is not used for other purposes? Best wishes

Hello there. That’s it, you can use for the web serie.

Thank you for your interest.

All the best,


Hello, Does this work with AE 2019? Thanks!

Hi! Yes it works. Tnks.

It is painfully slow on CC2018 Mac. Every time I click, I get the spinning wheel for 3-5 minutes. Impossible to use.


Please, make sure that your “View option” is like the mine, “Handles” disabled, aways. For some reason, the AE CC 2015.3 and newer have problems with this. So, if a comp is very slow, click on your Viewer, press command+option+U and check the “View option”.

This kind of slowness usually are solved in this way.

Please, let me know if it solve your problem.

Best, Jack.

Hi ! Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, it does not solve the issue. Working in the comp is much faster, but the spinning wheel still happens often.

Hi! Can your record a screen capture to I try to figure out a solution? What’s your hardware? Tnks

Hello! Can you tell me is it possible to make the character white or an other color because we want to use it on a black background. Thanks!

Hi! Yes you can. It’s very easy. There is some colors selectors in the user interface. Thanks!!

Just bought this kit today and I’m loving it! It’s exactly what we needed. I do have a question, how can I move the animation I’ve created into a separate project? Copying the layer from Loop Selector didn’t seem to paste anything for me.

Thank you for the response! Would it be possible to copy the animation to a new project instead of rendering to movie? One of our project requirements is to use Lottie ( ) and it only works with AE animations, not video.

Hi! I think it’s possible to just import the entire project. On the loop selector, if you hit the ‘shy’ bottom on timeline, you will see all the pre-comps with the animations. It’s the actual “B.1.Character A Setup” comp with a different IN and OUT point.

Let me know if it works!

That worked beautifully. Many thanks!

Hi !

Is it possible to just put diferent hairstyles on the character and possibly just one peace of the outfit?

Hello there!

Been honest, it could be easier. In fact, I created the ‘Design and Motion Character Kit’ to make it very easy to make this kind of customization. But it’s another product.

Don’t worry, it’s not so hard as well. I will try to explain to you.

In the After Effects project, open the folder Others/Character A. Inside this folder you have two types of composition: Standard body parts: The composition’s name have no number in the beginning, and every frame of the composition represents a different character. So in the composition Body at frame 29 you have the character #29 body. So you will need to enter in the leg, thigh, arm, forearm, and head composition to adjust. Copy and past the part that you want at the frame that you need. Just make sure that you copy all the layers that you have on that frame. At the frame 29 per example, you need to copy the layer 73, 74, 152 and 172. Special body parts: Some body parts have special behavior. In this case I made it separated from the rest. To adapt this parts you need to enter in a special composition, that begins with the number of the character that you want to ajust. For example, if you want to adjust the #59 head and put it on the #29 character, first you must to open the composition “59_head” and adjust it as you want. Than, go to the comp “B.1.Character A Setup”, disable the shy option, and find where the “59_head” is. You can use the search bar. Unlook this layer and on the opacity expression property adjust the expression to something like this: Cn = thisComp.layer(“[- HUD Controller -]”).effect(“CHAR Character Selector”)(“Slider”); if (Cn 59) {100;} else if (Cn 29) {100;} //This is the line that I added. It means that the head 59 will apear at the character 29 too. You may need to hide the original 29 head layer. else {0;};

I’m not sure if I was clear, let me know if you understood the instructions.

Best, Jack.

Does this product work on CC 2018? Thanks in advance!

Hello! Yes, it works. All the best, Jack

Awesome project! Really like it so far! :) Just a quick question; if I select A. Loop Selector, all animations are stationairy, or in the same place (they don’t move). But if I select C. Modules and add the Walk Cycle Out, Walk, In it moves and I can not check “Loop Offset”, to keep that Walk Cycle in the same place. Do you have any suggestions?

My current solution is to open the “B.1.Character Setup A”, find the ID of the animation I want to stay stationairy (for example no. 106) and animate the X position of the CT_All, in such a way so the start and end point are the same. If a different solution is better, please let me know!

Hi! Thank you for your feedback!! If you want more control over the moviment I suggest you to parent the modules to a null and animate this X position. I only applied the stationary option to cycles, because it have an linear moviment.

Your solution seems to work well too.

I use to pre-render the modules, it makes more easy to animate their position.

Let me know if it helps you!

Super project! ;) I wish further promotion and more sales! :)

Thank you very much!

Love the pack. I have just a few quick questions.

Is it possible to remove hats, like on the construction worker?

Secondly, what should the workflow be to have multiple characters (3-5) in a comp at the same time with different loops and outfits? Duplicate the Loop Selector and Character Setup comps?

Any help would be great! Thanks!


You can remove the hat, but will have to dig a little on the project. It’s not hard, I can help you in that.

To understand how to work with multiple characters in one scene watch this tutorials at 19:27 It's not the same product but it’s the same thing. You must to pre-renderize them, and compose in a new comp.

Let me know if it helps!

I’d love to hear how to remove the hat. Is email best for communication or will you just answer in the comments?

I’ll check out that video now! Thanks for the help.

Send me a message via my profile page, so I will be able to reach you out. Tnks

impressive character pack!

Thank you!!

Hi there, i just purchased your kit (looks awesome) and everytime i pen it it prompts me like more that 1000 syntax errors and its impossible to change the character skins or the animation loops…. im on after effects cc 2017 on mac… Please help, i need to have a job done for monday….!!!

Hello there! It’s because the project is not Universal. You must to set your language to English. There is a easy way to do this, and you can revert wherever you want. Take look at this tutorial: Best, Jack.

AWESOME!!! thanks, it worked!!


Hi, can i dress 100 animation poses with suit, is that possible? becuase am planning to buy this kit.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Hi, I purchased this template, and i need rain effects with umbrella to add it into my movie, but i cannot find it in this template.

Hi! There are some animations on preview that are just examples that what can be done. But I can send you the project to you! You will need the plugin Trapcode particular. Do you have it?

Please, send me message via my profile, so I can reach you via email. Thanks.

i’m sorry, this tool kit goes well in after effects 2018 ?

Hi! Yes, it’s running very well on CC2018. Best, Jack.

Hi! I like this, and your other characters kit too. Do you have kids in them? Teachers? I also wonder if it’s easy to put in your own graphics and get it animated together with graphics in the kit? Also, is there a panel where you make changes or do you need to know much about after effects? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you! You can use it to create the characters, pre-renderize them and use as you want, with other graphics, etc. I have some kids on the Design And Motion Character Kit, on this kit is hard to make character customization. On the Design And Motion you can change directly on Illustrator without knowing very much about AE or Illustrator. Best, Jack.

Hey i sent you a email please reply!

This is an interesting job!! seen a good professional hand !! good luck and many many sales!


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