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Used this for a promo video last year and it worked great, but is it possible to change the background color or with a JPG/PNG image? I want to give the new one a summer time color scheme.


Is it possible to change the audio?


Dood…love the file…but, it keeps crashing my AE6 and I can’t use it at all. Any pointers?

Ahhhh i really can’t give you an answer from one “keep crashing” but im almost sure its from this new AE6 version.Contact me directly to my skype plamen.cve and i will try to help!Thank you.

I purchased and unfortunately I am very disappointed.

The downloaded zip is not included: - The font to use “typographpro” ($ 113.05) - The font to use “Riesling” (free, must download) - Effect “CC Light Sweep”

I use CS5 , said in effect but apparently it is not.

Hello.Cycore FX are pack of plugins that comes free with the After Effects software and that mean im right,the project doesn’t require any additional plugins like the paid plugins like the Trapcode plugins etc.So,i guess you are using a trial version which doesnt include the Cycore FX plugins of course.About the fonts,you can use any free fonts you want.Its not necesery to use exactly Typography Pro if you mean this plugin.Actualy im not sure even that im using this pluging inside the project.To sum up.I am not the reason for your problems with the projects. And for the final i’ll just show you what Adobe write about the Cycore FX:

“Cycore (CC) Effects are a set of excellent effects that come bundled as standard with After Effects CS3 and above but not with a trial version of the product. The installation of these FX is however, optional. Most people install them at the time of installing the main application. If you don’t have them installed, you need to go back to your original install disk (or download) and install them to be able to use certain projects.To check whether you have Cycore installed, open your copy of After Effects, create a new composition (Composition -> New composition… ) , then create a solid layer (Layer -> New -> Solid… ) , then go to Effect -> Blur & Sharpen. If you see any items in the submenu that begin with CC, such as CC Radial Blur, then you have Cycore installed. If you are using a demo version of After Effects, you may find that the Cycore Effects are not included.

I could definitely use this, great work! :)

Thank you very much.Its a short,cleant perfect for presentation animation and very easy to edit!

This is absolutely awesome.. I thought to myself that it would be nice to have a slick video intro for my upcoming theme.. first thing I saw was this.. Can’t be a coincidence!

One simple question.. On the bits where it shows the nice WordPress logo, would it be possible to modify that to show more then just the WP logo but also HTML5 /Responsive and such? Could be a static image for all I care, I just want to know if that can be edited?

Thanks for creating this :-)

This is hot. Can’t wait to use it.

Thank you!

Finally, you re back, now I want to see one proj each week !
Welcome back Bro ! :)

...And we love you Plamen! Great to see you back! :) I’ve started to upload on VH because of you :) Love your work!

Thank you for the wonderful words guys.I love you all like my personal friends,i really mean it!Im glad i was able to make my first template after all this time.Its not something so much but still,its a start.This is the best comunity with the best authors in the world :)Thank you again,i love you all. :) regards, Plamen.

Welcome back mate, well done!
Wish you all the best ! :)

Great to see you back! the new template is awesome!

Hey Plamen, Fantastic see you in action again with the same high quality style! ;)

Great project, Awesome work as always :)

great project im glad ure back and doing these great templates again!

Very nice work! :) Welcome back..nice to know you Plamen. :)

Sweet work again Plamen, great to see you back and rocking ! :)

Welcome back! Good project :)

And He is BACK :) .. And what a way to come back as well.. Great file Plamen. Time to get that 1st place again ;)


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