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We are the “Cinematic Production” ltd. Team!

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves!”

My name is Plamen Cvetanov and i am Founder,CEO, and Art Direcotr of “CINEMATIC PRODUCTION” Ltd


Before all,please check our Portfolio of video previews,with small part of our VideoHive AfterEffects Templates and some of our Custom Projects for diffrent Clients and Companies. This is just until the new,really huge website,on which we are working already 8-9 months….even more! Here is one of the more impressive works,for the biggest “Cinematic Studios” client,to which we’ve done TV and Web versions of this Video Comercial. We really had great connection together cuz they are real professionals and it was just a big honor to work with them! That’s why,i pretty sure,that we’ve win the trust of the guys from the Toyota’s Team we’ve work with on that project. We still work with them and count them as a one of our most important & long time Customers,that we had in the 9 years experience that the Cinematic’s Team have in the Advertising area!

We are the “Cinematic Production” ltd. Team! My name is Plamen Cvetanov and i am Founder,CEO, and Art Direcotr of “CINEMATIC PRODUCTION” Ltd

But before all,please check our Portfolio: where you can see some ,even small part video previews from our VideoHive AfterEffects Templates,which is something that we also produce.There are also some of our Custom Projects for diffrent Clients and Companies. This is just until our new,really huge website,on which we are working already 8-9 months….even more,we work on! Even its a small part and in one area only,there are some impressive works,even one of the many Projects for our biggest “Cinematic” client,TOYOTA,for which we’ve done many TV and Web Comercials over the years!

I am 35 years old,curently based and live in Europe.Since i finish my training long time ago,i already have currently around 14 years experience in this industry.In my first years i’ve start working for different Advertising Studios and TV Stations.But on some point,thanks to the work for many satisfied Clients from all aroud the world,from many different kind if business areas and industries,i thought i already have enough experience and i can create my own Studio.My few years learning and already more than 8 years building skills and working in many different areas like,i build strong collection of skills in: Graphic,Web & Print Design.Advance Video Advertising for TV & WebSites.Presentations, Infographics,Movie Trailers.Full Branding Services for both:Old & New Companies.Facebook & Email Marketing…Even few jobs in the Weding Videographi. The strong support from my regular clients and coleagues,plus the opportunity over the years to work for so many people in so many different areas,made me podhodqsht to hold as well as the CEO& Founder responsability,also and Art Director in the Company and the Team.The designers connect and the team i build is from very nice and skillable coleagues,every with more than 6,7 years experience in his own sphere and work area! I can easy say than other than Video Editing,Motion Graphics,Visual Effects,3D Animation,Post Production.Graphic,Web & Print Design.DVD Authoring.Advance Video Products and Advertising.Branding,Marketing Services…there are still many kind of services which we can provide and we are capable to do.Thats why we’re reciving all kind of Projects and Jobs for the 6 years since we are together.

New studio,team and company

(Currently our portfolio site is in Remote,Upgrading our entire website look,content,galeries,services etc.) In Cinematic Production we are five people,each skilled in his own area or few of them,like most of us!
Our team is providing more than 80 different services in the Motion,Web,Design,Marketing major areas and many others! In our portfolio site THECINEMATIC.NET which we are upgrading all the time,you can see some examples of our Custom Original Animations for different Clients and Companies,as well as some previews also from my large VideoHive Templates portfolio!There are also other previews of advance 3D Logo Animations,which we also provide as a service if the Client like them They are original animations that you can’t find anywhere else than this particular 3D Animation page,which you can find in the drop-down menu of our Services!There is Contacts Page,from which you can contact me with your questions or requests.But there are contact forms all over the site for the each of the services too,so,it will be easy for you to find how to get in touch with us!

We work fast,we are communicating with our Clients almost 24/7 in many different ways depending on client’s choice.Usually we start with emails and after that we are switching to Skype chat or talk.Some prefer directly to talk with me via Phone Call,some are contacting us through our Social Profiles and Pages like Facebook for example where we already have more than 2000 Page Fans and keep growing!

We do not charge for many free benefits that we provide to our Clients. Benefits for which most of the Studios are charging for!

  • Fast turnaround!

    doesn’t matter if the deadline is long enough for us,or the client need his product as soon as possible,the price stays the same!

  • Free Changes!

    we always provide a preview before we provide you with the final product.then we are giving to our clients one or two free rounds of changes in case they want to change something.they tell us,we do the changes and render out preview again!

  • Formats & Resolutions!

    in case the client want to promote his video in more than one place like:on his website,youtube,facebook,vimeo etc.then he can tell us where else exactly he will use it.we know the best settings,formats and resolutions for each of the popular video-sharing sites and we will convert and send you separate version for each of the sites you want,again,for free!

We can start from all kinds of Video Productions,moving through All Graphic & Design Services.Web Design and Development like:Flash,HTML5,WordPress and finally we can mention even Email & Social Marketing for your Business popularity!
We are proficients in many software like:

  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Audition
  • Cinema4D
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Flash,Java,PHP,HTML5,WordPress etc..

About my work and history in videohive!

I am making templates for our great marketplace VideoHive already more than 5 years.Year and a half ago,before i start my own company i am proud to say that i was Top Selling Author for one year and a half in a roll!

For all these,already more than five years since i am author in VideoHive,i have build and collect a big PORTFOLIO including more than 100 After Effects and Cinema4D Templates.I have almost 13 000 sales,1 700 followers,i was few times Featured Author and i have few Featured Items in my portfolio!All that i own to all the buyers which made that happen and to all Envato Staff and their kind support over the years! “CINEMATIC PRODUCTION” where we are team of five animators and designers,each skilled in his own area/s.I have more than seven years of freelance experience behind my back and the rest of the guys have more than five years freelance or working for different studios,companies and TV stations.It turns out that together we have collected so many skills so it is already impossible for us to not handle any type of video request,web logo or graphic design, but even much,much more than that!For just two years,we already have made around 200 Custom Projects for all kind of Clients and different Companies from all business areas.Because of our strategy we have build so much long turn Customers for which we have of course discounts for every next project they want to be done from our Studio and Team!

I can proudly say that “CINEMATIC PRODUCTION” have some of the Lowest Rates that you can find on the Internet for the Level of Quality that we provide to our Customers.When i find and connected our team of professionals and i founded our Studio and my Company,i decide that our main rule will be…
To keep our Rates and Prices as lower as we can,so we can faster collect and connect with as much more new Clients,Companies,Businessman from anywhere and any kind of Business,Single freelancers etc.And all this without making any compromises with our quality of work!That way we will keep our self busy all the time,we will work on any kind of projects and that way we will lift up our skills every day,learning new and new areas of the Multimedia Industry until one day we can say that there is no kind of work that we can not handle.And here we are.After year and a half or two,just like i mentioned above,we already have behind our back like 200 or more Custom Video,Graphic or Web Products,for all Clients and different Companies from so much different Business areas,which came to us with their requests for our services! We also have very good skills in Visual Effects and we are pretty familiar with the rest of the Adobe Suite like Illustrator,Dreamweaver,Flash etc…If you are interested and you want to see some examples of our custom work,please visit our website at WWW.THECINEMATIC.NET and browse through the previews. In our clients page you can see just a small part from all our custom projects which we made over the years.I make selection of new and old project previews but with different look and type of animation,so you can see our pretty expandable skills and that we can make your script to live!

the best and cheapest customization rates

In our spear timewe are making After Effects and Cinema4D templates,ready for simple replacing with your assets.We are selling them for a very cheap price in the most fast growing marketplace in the net,,part of the Envato Marketplaces.When i was Top Selling Author for two years in a roll i really enjoyed when i had free time to make templates because i had the whole freedom of creativity.Now we still making new templates but we also provide to all my buyers and clients,our extremely affordable Customization services or also Customizing templates from other authors.The only difference is that if the templates which are not from my portfolio,you’ll need to buy them from the marketplace along with the audio for it and then you need to send them both to me for the customizing process which takes 24 hours maximum!Now,when i have my own Company and team of great designers and very cool guys,they are making and selling their templates on my account too.We have already more than 12 000 sales,1 500 followers and the honor given to me and our Team from Envato,the badge of “Elite Author” which badge means that our account has sell more than 250 000$ worth of sales from our more than 100 After Effects and Cinema4D Templates!

We have some of the cheapest rates around VideoHive and the whole Internet space for Customizing After Effects Templates!The process is very fast,easy for you and of course,we,like designers and animators,know the the best way about how to customize your project,so it can look as better as it can for your viewers and potential clients!
our rates for this service are some of the most affordable in our sphere:

  • For Customizing Logo Openers:30$ include all
  • For Trailers and middle length Templates:50$ include all
  • And for the very complex After Effects or Cinema4D Templates:70$ include all

But of coursethe price it can be cheaper because,every project is different and all depends on the complexity of it.In many cases the price can be lower but also it can be higher if you need some major changes and modifications to the Project.We do already four years such customizations every day.Sometimes even three or four of these per day.And all because all customers are satisfied of our rates and work and that we are always ready to improve your video with free of charge extra round changes.The turn around time is usually just 24 hours after we clear all about the project and you provide us with all assets for the customization like (texts,logos,images,videos etc…) We will send you first a low resolution preview of your video so you can review it and let us know if all it’s okay with it.If it’s not,you can tell us what you want to change.Then we are starting to change it in the next few hours and we are sending you a new preview as soon as the changes are done.Then we will send you a second preview!And now if all it’s okay,we are render your High Quality HD video in format and resolution that you need.After that we’ll send you ASAP the download link to your Final Video as well as your customized Project File so you can save it in case you decide to change something in further!
All this for 24 hours,with free revision,audio,for the lowest rates you can find and link to download your customized Project File for your records! In our pretty big portfolio,which already have more than 100 templates that i have created over the years,and now even more with the help of my new professional team,you can find projects from all kind of styles and needs like:

  • Corporate Clean Presentations
  • Logo Openings
  • Intros
  • Typography Animation
  • Cinematic Trailers
  • Wedding and Photographers Templates
  • Website Overview Projects
  • Fashion Projects
  • Skip Intro Pages
and many other types for any taste and need! Usually,our buyers are seen our low rates for that service in my VideoHive profile page: and that the whole process of buying,editing,rendering,finding the proper audio etc. it’s much harder than just hire us for this job.And then,everything is start looking for them much more easy to just spend some extra bucks so the creator of the project can do all of the job the job for them for not more than 24 hours and the most important,professionally.Its very true,cheap and easy to understand process which many template buyers already use instead of making everything by them self.Our customers for this service in the most cases are people who,doesn’t have the After Effects software purchased,they doesn’t have any basic skills in After Effects to edit the template,or they just don’t have the time to do it. Our prices for this are the lowest that can be found on the internet and that’s why its much more easy for our clients to hire us to do the whole process for them.After that,they are just sending us their images,videos,texts,logos (all is depending on the project type,number of titles and placeholders in the Template they choose to Customize for them) After just 24 hours,for their small investment,they receive secured download link to their ready professional video in high quality,in HD resolution 1280×720HD or Full HD 1920×1080.Also,they can request the exact Video Format or Resolution that they need,usually must of the customers need these videos to upload them in to their home website pages and also to the some of the famous video sharing sites like: YouTube,Facebook,MySpace,Vimeo etc… The whole process is very easy,fast and cheap for clients which doesn’t have the budget for Custom Original Video which is much more expensive.Well not exactly always.Sometimes the length and the script are major factors for the Custom Work Price and can be much cheaper!But anyway,if your budget it is still not enough,that’s why these ready templates can cost you way less than the Custom Work.And on top of all,they are all different so you can find exactly your style and type of animation you are looking for! We have worked really hard over the years so,my portfolio can have have projects from all business areas,for all kind of purposes and client needs.Templates with different lengths,moods,styles and perfectly synchronized to the audios which i carefully choose before i start making each of my projects!

why every business need video promotion?

Video has the power to improve your bottom line. It can create more sales, increase customer satisfaction,and reduce support costs.Every company or a website needs a logo identity already: from websites to broadcast TV”s and independent film producers,Wedding Photo/Video Production studios,even for a single freelancers in a different area from our.Then we decide,that the internet freelancing and the time difference,and where we live difference,are making the things too hard to produce the perfect product for the client.And we understood that our main target will be the small and middle business companies,and single business people etc. and that we need to make the rates very affordable so we can be able to get many projects and in same,keep our self busy all the time,other than waiting for the big client with the big budget.That is why we can handle more projects,with very light prices and people has started to come to us one after other and we had never left a project and Client unsatisfied,with the hope he will turn back to us some day because we did good gob for him in the past.And there are many times when someone are telling us that he heard from someone for our company and how we work.Well,this is the what we are looking for and its very precious,not only to leave the client fully satisfied with his own video,but to make him even spread good words about our production.With our cinematic style we”ll turn your graphic logo or Company Name in to Professional video identity,highly memorable for your clients.We can make impressive corporate style presentations for your new product or website. The idea behind our working way was never to stick into a one type of videos,that’s why we learned to make all kind of video production:from movie trailers through intros,logo strings,website presentations,corporate presentations.Usually for a new product that they are preparing for the market and so and so.Because lets face it,already half of the commercials and promoting its going to internet in these times.Every company needs a website,so they need a video to promote it on the very popular worldwide video sharing sites In the net like YouTube,Facebook,MySpace,Vimeo etc they are just so many and they are with a millions and millions of viewers that can easy find your video,you and your business or product.Even you can tweet about your video through the other big social platform Tweeter which is not video sharing type of website.There is no business that doesn’t need website already and its totally necessary the promoting campaign to have Video explaining all about it.There is not area of business that doesn’t need that,and the video will be a big part part of the promoting always!!! Cheap ratesgreat quality videos,professional support including voice and video communication between the client and us,using Skype or whatever way that’s its easy for you.Fast turnaround for your product and no missing deadlines. Flexibility when you want corrections/changes without going too much from your budget.Well,this is what the small and middle business wants and search for his promotion and presenting of his product,website etc.We understood that and that’s why,we have the whole equipment of software:Post Production software,3D software,the most expensive and impressive plug-ins for them,Video Editing software,Vector and Graphic software’s etc.To sum up like i said,the whole equipment that can make any kind of a video,or a graphic,logo,print and other multimedia that the client needs. But i have to saythe video is still on first place for us.Doesn’t matter how much Google Adda you’ll make,you need a quick,visual moving way to explain your business and the promote part you are missing here is this Video Presentation that can turn the hours of browsing in your website to a minute or two of watching video which guide the viewer or your client through all that your business offers to him! We are making thisfrom many years and many times the video creating process is connected with making graphics,vectors,logos,3D renders or other parts to complete it,fill it.Its not already professional to make some really fast boring flat video,in one software just to get something done and get the clients budget,leaving him not satisfied with the only choice to add much more to the budget or even to spend again money for a brand new video that he actually need! No,we have succeed because we are mixing all these skills in all our software and multimedia areas to combine and make you a professional,understandable video,so the viewer can get all the info about your product,business,mission,your goal from the first view.To be impressed and contact you for a work because he is satisfied from what he saw and heard in the video presentation.Well,it’s really precious for us,when some old client came back and wants a new video or other multimedia job because he was happy working with us the last time.That’s why btw we are keeping all project files and assets for every client at least for half year,because sometimes they are coming back just to change some word or some element or effect,and many times we do that free if its not too hard. Even when the scriptthat the client is providing us with all the info and assets,sometimes its hardly understandable,we always find a way to communicate and get everything clear about the final look,video format,resolution.Sometimes its even enough to tell us what kind of video you want and how he want to use it,and we already know what video format needs to be,what video resolution and where it needs to be uploaded so it can get as many as it can viewers with a link to your site or company address or any other contacts with you.Well,i did all from me to explain all about what me and my company are,what we do and how!And i really think we’ll work together in the future and be sure that you will not regret working with us,because you and your job are in first place than everything else for our team!

  • kind regards,
  • Plamen Cvetanov,
  • Founder,CEO & Lead Animator of “Cinematic Production” ltd.
  • facebook
  • mobile:+359878309056
  • office:+35964692027
  • skype: plamen.cve

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