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Olá sou do Brasil, e vejo que seus modelos são muito criativos eu me tornei afiliado do envato e queria muito divulgar o seus modelos no meu site com meu link de afiliado, mas não consigo ter um link personalizado para estes modelos que estão no meu portfolio, quando a pessoa clica na imagem do vídeo vai direcionada para a compra mas com o link de outro afiliado, você pode me ajudar nessa parte ter os links dos meus modelos personalizados para eu receber comissões. O meu site e este

Amazing work. =) GuitarNation

This is really lovely :)

Hi, I purchased this thinking I could use it in adobe premier elements but can’t. Do you know if I can use it or if its compatible? If not do you have a version i can use in premier

Unfortunately no , you can’t use it with Adobe Premiere. Being an after effects template , it will work only with Adobe After Effects.

But you can download a free trial version of Adobe After Effects , watch the step by step video tutorial that comes with the template and render your final video. You don’t need any prior experience to use this template in Adobe After Effects.

Best regards,

Amazing project!

Hello !

Quick question before purchase, I do not have a habit of taking portrait photos, rather landscape. Is it easy to replace the portrait oriented photos with photos in landscape oriented in the project ?

Thank you in advance.

Nice, thanksGreat ! Thank you for the super fast response !

Thanks for your purchase :D

Prompt reply, timely purchase ! :)

I’ve seen the questions about making it longer, and that being difficult…but is it any easier to make it shorter?

Yes , you can easily make it shorter. You just have to delete some keyframes. I can show you how to do that in a step by step video .


i set down transparency of vignette and filter to 0% and even tried setting the color to white or 50% grey, as I want the slideshow to look like the original jpegs.. Anyway, there is still some kind of filter on it destroying the mood of my photos. How can i turn that off?

Hi, Here is a step by step video on how to do that:

Thanks for your purchase.
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Thanks, worked fine for me.

I need some help here. it takes almos 3 hours to render is it nomal? and when I play on quick time it freezes and goes some one help please

Hi Luis and thanks for your purchase.
The amount of time it takes to render the template is influenced by a lot of factors , the most important one being how “powerful” your computer is (amount of RAM memory , processor speed and number of cores etc.) . Another factor could be the high resolution of the photos you use (greater than 1200×800).
On a computer with I7 and at least 4gb of RAM it should take 1 hour:

If you rendered using the steps from the tutorial , the resulting video will have the best quality possible and somewhere around 3gb file size (for 1m46s). From what you’re describing , your computer is not that powerfull and can’t handle the load and that’s why it freezes in quicktime.
Some solution for you:
1.Drag&Drop the video you rendered and render it again using the same settings, but choosing H264 instead of Quicktime Movie as format.
2.You could render again the template choosing H264 instead of Quicktime Movie as format. This way , the resulting video will play just fine on your computer.
3.You could convert the big video file to H264 using a software you’re familiar with .
4.You could upload the video to Youtube and download the resulting video.

ok thanks for the reply.. it worked

Looks very good! 8)

Awesome work! Do you have any info on render times?


Thanks for your kind words
It really depends on your computer performance and version of After Effects.
Right now I only have my notebook next to me with AE CS3 for testing and the estimated rendering time is 55 min (click here to see the printscreen) , but with newer version of After Effects and more RAM should be 25-30 minutes .

Best Regards,

Okay, sounds great—thanks for the quick reply!

Awesome work!!!

Awesome !!! nice project, really good job :)

8-) Astonishing Work!

Hi, if I want to make a video of 3.5 mins long, is it easy to extend? this is my first time making video for my friend’s wedding. Thanks

Hi, not sure if you got it but u have not received any reply. I’ll ask again now.

Still didn’t received any message from you. Please try to send it directly to this address : cleansimplemodern @ gmail . com

Great job! I was impressed. :)

That’s Awesome :) Great Work :)

Nice work and beatiful colouring :grin:


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