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Hi do you have a support email just a couple of questions I need clarity on many thanks. Like the product.

Please contact me using a form on my profile page :)

Hi, I would like to buy this template but problem is I don;t have adobe after effect knowledge. Could you help me to put my logo and web url on the video in British voice over one. Thank you

Yes, sure…I can help with that. Please contact me using the form on my profile page.

I just bought this item and the English version is missing, any help?

Hey there, nothing’s missing really ;) The British VO is part of the EN_WDE project. Just mute the US VO and unmute the UK VO. Please see instructions for more info.

Can I have a refund please?

That is something authors can’t help with. You need to contact Envato support. I have no tools to cancel the purchase, sorry :(

Hi im interested in this and your other explainer videos, but want to know if besides the colors I can just change the icons of each phase, and it will change all the animations automatically? thanks

Hey there, you can change anything you need with some basic After Effects knowledge. But will the animations change automatically? – there’s no “general” answer to that…in some places yes, in most probably not. I would need to know where exactly…

Jakub…I have been trying to render 3 of these “This One, SEO, Marketing & Video” that I purchased almost a year ago…yes that is how long I have been trying to render. I have even taken the Adobe Media Encoder route, all blurred and come out at 300X200…nothing works! I Give up…can you render these for me PLEASE! They have driven me over the edge!

These are great and I have waited like a said close to a year to use your greatness!

Please contact me directly using the form on my profile page. I will try to help.

Is there any chance that in the near future, that some of these older videos could be updated?

Hey there, what exactly would you like to update? Script? Design? I still consider this video series pretty much future-proof :) -Jakub

Do you happen to have the words for the voice over within the theme project files? I am considering the purchase but am looking for having a female do the voice over and trying to decide if I would need to do a full write-up or if it was already done… Thanks

Hey there! Sure, there’s a link in the provided help file to all my scripts :)

awesome explainer

Hi When I download the zip file the final.comp files are not there ;( Please advise

You need to open the .aep file using Adobe After Effects first…