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Hello, i have ensured i installed everything correctly in photoshop and i’m still getting an error message when i go to run the play command. It says “the command select is not currently available.” can you please help!!!

Hello. I just replied to your email, let me know if you have any questions or if you don’t receive the reply!

fantastic effects

Can I use different water color action to use this motion kit?

is it possible to not use watercolor action for this motion kit? because the image I wanna work on is already watercolor painted, so I do not need watercolor action. Or is there a way to disable watercolor action in after effects?

I changed the photoshop layers after I ran the watercolor action. I only changed the opacity, I am trying to customize the look of the image on photoshop then export it after effects. I did not change the name of the layers or deleted them and I successfully got 30 images.

this is the final look that I want.

However after the images are exported to After Effects, it disregards the changes and goes back to the original image set that was created by watercolor action set.

just like this.

Can you help me to solve this problem? All I want is to make sure that the final video looks like the image from the photoshop

Hello. The way the project is set up, within After Effects some of the adjustment layers have to be re-created (for example, some of the adjustment parameters of hue/saturation are not available in AE that are available within Photoshop), and those parameters will not transfer over from Photoshop to After Effects, which is we have to re-create them in AE and why I only suggest in the tutorial to do any masking within Photoshop, all other effects (curves, colors adjustments etc) should be adjusted within AE.

Hi Thomas, The reveal brush in photoshop is not working for me. Can i get help?

Hello. Can you send me screenshots of the issue to I’m not sure exactly what’s happening but we’ll get to the bottom of it right away!

Hi Thomas,

I love your Motion Kit. I can’t wait to use it but I have a subscription for PS CC2019 and can’t figure out how to make it work.

You say: CC2019 Users – Please change the Expression Engine to “Legacy ExtendScript” or you will receive expression errors (File > Project Settings > Expressions > Legacy ExtendScript). We will be fixing this in the next official update, but for now please use this as a temporary solution.

But I can’t find “Project Settings” under File. Could you send me to the right place please?

Thanks so much, Christiane Witt

(I’ve sent you an email with an attachment as well)

Hey Christiane, that’s actually referring to the After Effects portion of the product – if you’re having troubles within Photoshop, just reach out at and let me know what’s happening and we’ll get to the bottom of it right away!

hello, when i run de kit exporter there is a massage that says “the command If is not currently available so i cant export any image, could you help me?

I am using de Photoshop CS6…how can i fix it?

Hello. You will need to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS6.1. or newer for this feature to work, as there was a crucial feature added in CS6.1 (the “IF” command) that is essential for the expression to run properly.

ok! thank you very much

Hello again, when I introduce de png image in After effect, there is an arror “Unable to finde Crosshatch-3.png, how can i fix it? Thanks

ok I’ve just wrote you an email

please I really need to fix my problem today, could you please check your email? thank you very much

Hello, I just replied to your email, let me know if that solves the issue!

hi thomas, Can I change background color brown to others?

Hello. Yes, you can! The quickest way to do that is to go to the “Color Correction” layer (layer 9), and in the Effect Controls Panel, change the color of the the “Overall Color Tint”.

Next, go to the “Background Textures” layer (layer 15) and change the “Base Color”.

Give that a try and let me know if that does the trick!

Hello Thomas very good script ! but i have just a problem with freeze frame in after effect when i want to import with ” create freezeframe” my clip is already changed this is not like the tutorial when the dancer change frame after frame to have final result. for me it’s the final result at the begining

Hello. I’m happy to help out, but I don’t see a verified purchased icon by your username, and only offer support for specific questions (non-presale questions) if a user has a verified purchase.


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Hello I purchased realpaint and watercollarFX, but the work stopped in the same process every time. realpaint Lage brush 01 (A) watercollarFX dark_tone_brush_temp Working environment is win10 Photoshop2020, English version, FX box use.


jyusshi Purchased

I must sincerely apologize. I have purchased the “Watercolor Motion Kit”, but this doesn’t work either.

No problem at all. What is the issue you’re having with Watercolor Motion Kit? Is it within After Effects, or within Photoshop? If you’re receiving an error, let me know what the error is saying so I can better help troubleshoot the issue!


jyusshi Purchased I looked back at this video, checked the settings, reinstalled and set again, and both Photoshop and aftereffect worked fine. I was worried Thank you for a nice tool.