Discussion on Vector Lower Thirds

Discussion on Vector Lower Thirds

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Thank you Final step!

Nice Lower Third! I like it

Thanx again!

Can this be vertically resized without any negative effects?

This is a Lower third made in Hd resolution 1920×1080. If you intend to use it in lower resolution projects it can be vertically resized without problems. If you will use it in full hd project, there should be no problem resizing it a little bit (maybe about 20%) on the vertical axis, with no visible artifacts. If you need a vertical lower third, try my collection of lower thirds here: and especially these vertical lower thirds: &

Let me know if you need any help! Thank you for your interest in my file!

Excellent – just bought and very impressed. Just what I wanted. Great work Steve!

Thank you! Enjoy!

We are very satisfied! 5 stars quality!

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Hi, in the product description I read that you can change the color of the lower thirds but the files I downloaded are .mov, not After Effects compositions. How do I change the colors?

Thank u for your purchase. That is dependent on your software. Usually a simple color effect like hue tint colorize or tritone is good enough to change rhe color. Shifting the hue parameter is the easiest way. Maybe I could be more specific if know your editing or compositing software. Just let me know. Enjoy! – Steve

Nice Job Steve! Question, would it be possible to get a full moving background of the green lower third? Check out my site, the blue abstract pattern is very similar. I would like to have the similar moving pattern in the background of my videos. Thanks!!

I usually use Pinnacle 16. I’ve tried to import your file, but Pinnacle says that its codec is unknown. I’ve installed Quicktime, but nothing changes. I’ve tried to convert your .mov to other extensions, .avi or .mpeg, but I lose transparency and I can’t remove the black background. How could I fix this problem? Thanks a lot

Hey Notul! I have never used Pinnacle 16 and really dont know if it can import Quicktime files (.mov) with alpha channel embedded.
Most non linear editing softwares do, and quicktime is an industry standard file type.
But if your software does not support it, try converting it to a file type that also supports transparency (alpha channel).
Loosless .Avi files or .Png & .Tga sequences supports it, while .mpeg or .mp4 file formats don’t. If you can’t convert them yourself, drop me a mail through my profile page: , I could do it for you.
Cheers, Steve

How to add text. Thanks

This is not an After Effects project. It’s a motion graphics file. It’s a .mov footage. You have to add and synchronise the text yourself over it. It’s not an automated procedure. You can do this in most editing softwares (as Avid, Final cut, Sony Vegas & more) :)

Thanks, i am using After effect, how i can do that

Adding text layers in After Effects is easy. There are many tutorials on the Web. Start with this one:

What is the sound track you used?

Hello and thank you for your interest! I used a track from Envato’s “Author Resources”.folder. Did not know which track that was, but finally found it at Audiojungle: Here you are: :) Cheers!