UI Minimal Icons & Miniline Font

UI Minimal Icons & Miniline Font

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Hello, I present my recently After Effects project “UI Minimal Icons & Miniline Font”. You can import in your project this pack of 374 minimal UI icons and the font with 89 typeface characters. All has complete motion: IN, LOOP and OUT animation. All icons and typeface have a sleek design and consistent style with each other. It is ideal to decorate your projects with elegant touches adding graphic sophistication. These projects are 100% After Effects, totally resizable and also you can change duration of each icons or typeface character. I hope you like and find it useful.

Main features:

  • Made with After Effects CS4.
  • Works from CS4 to newest version.
  • 350 UI Minimal Icons.
  • 24 UI Minimal Social Icons.
  • 89 Typeface Characters (Numbers, Uppercase, Lowercase, Glyps and punctuation).
  • No plugins needed.
  • Universal – Works in all language versions.
  • You can edit all with 36 controllers.
  • 100% shapes of After Effects CS4.
  • 100% Resizable.
  • Stretchable duration (with original AE preset).
  • 3 Video tutorials included.
  • Very easy to customize.
  • Very organized projects.
  • Works on 3D environment.
  • Bonus: All icons and typefaces on vector format (AI / PDF / EPS).

Main Controllers
  1. Light Direction (controls direction of shadows and bevels).
  2. Bevel Thickness (of the icons/typeface and frames).
  3. Bevel Intensity (of the icons/typeface and frames).
  4. First Line Color (color of the line which anticipates the appearance).
  5. First Line Opacity.
  6. Light Sweep Icon (intensity of the LS on the icons/typeface).
  7. Light Sweep Frame (intensity of the LS on the frames).
  8. Light Sweep Frame Stroke (intensity of the LS on the stroke of frames).
  9. Light Sweep Size.
  10. Light Sweep Direction (between -45 and 45 degrees).
  11. Flare Intensity.
  12. Flare Size.
  13. Flare Angle.
  14. Flare Color A.
  15. Flare Color B.
  16. Flare Color C.
Icons/typeface Controllers
  1. Icon Stroke (thickness of the icons/typefaces).
  2. Icon Color A.
  3. Icon Color B.
  4. Icon Ramp Angle (angle of the color gradient).
  5. Icon Shadow (shadow intensity of icons/typefaces).
  6. Icon Shadow Distance.
  7. Icon Shadow Softness.
Frame Controllers
  1. Frame Icons/Typeface (frames activation).
  2. Frame Roundness.
  3. Frame Color A.
  4. Frame Color B.
  5. Frame Ramp Angle (angle of the color gradient).
  6. Frame Reflect (intensity of upper reflection).
  7. Frame Stroke (thickness of the frame stroke).
  8. Frame Stroke Color A.
  9. Frame Stroke Color B.
  10. Frame Stroke Ramp Angle (angle of the color gradient).
  11. Frame Shadow (shadow intensity of frames).
  12. Frame Shadow Distance.
  13. Frame Shadow Softness.

The product include:
  • UI ICONS.aep (AE project).
  • MINILINE FONT.aep (AE project).
  • 3 Video Tutorials:
  1. (13.22 min.)
  2. (10.30 min.)
  3. (04.09 min.)
  • UI Icons_Stretch_Duration.ffx (AE preset).
  • Bonus: Vector files in 3 formats.
    1. UI Minimal (Illustrator v8).
    2. Miniline (Illustrator v8).
    3. UI Minimal Icons.pdf
    4. Miniline Font.pdf
    5. UI Minimal Icons.eps
    6. Miniline Font.eps
  • Links: music of the preview.
  • You can get the music of preview here: Ambient by Top-Flow
    I want to give special thanks to felt_tips who helped with the code of the preset included.

    Note: This project uses some of the Cycore FX, this coming with the After Effects, except with the trial version of the program.

    This work is entirely my own. All visual design, animation, development and layout of this product are of my own creation. Any similarity to any other design work, video animation or any artwork is purely coincidental. If you have any questions about this please contact me for additional details.
    To contact me you can do from my profile page (bottom right).

    If you have any questions, get in touch. Please rate if you like it.