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I am trying to find the song that begins at the 1 minute mark in the Transitions Promo Video. Can you help me please?

do you know if your package works in Resolve?

Hello. You can change the resolution. You will need to change the resolution of the composition to yours, there is a video tutorial that is included in the project.

Very creative work! Preview second music which you have been use Where can i find? I can’t find in public description.

is there a way to preview all of the Transitions and lower 3rd.

Trying to use the same Lower Third repeatedly in the same video—it keeps acting like a duplicate (any text changes are duplicated on every version of it), even when I copy/paste or duplicate in the Project are (not the timeline). What should I be doing? Thx!

Hello, words2go!

You need to duplicate the composition – “Lower Third 01” and “Edit lower 01” (located in the Edit folder).

Let’s call them for example Lower Third 01 > Lower Third 01_copy1 and Edit lower 01 > Edit lower 01_copy_1

Next you need to go to the duplicated composition “Lower Third 01_copy_1” and replace the composition “Edit lower 01” inside it with Edit lower 01_copy_1.

(select – Edit lower 01, hold down the Alt button and drag from the composition panel: Edit lower 01_copy_1 – it will be replaced)

Next, change the text in the composition Edit lower 01_copy_1 and you’re done!

I can’t seem to get the Particle transition to work. When I collapse the Particle composition I get a black background instead of showing the bottom footage underneath the new top footage.

Hello omnivore311! Did you do everything as indicated in the video tutorial – timecode 08:40?

If the problem is still relevant for you, please write to me at and we will help you figure it out. Also, to speed up the process, you can send a fragment of the project so that we can quickly understand where the mistake was made.

That worked! Thank you for the timecode. I didn’t go far enough in the video tutorial to find it.