Text Fx Generalist

Text Fx Generalist

Welcome !

Here is a full pack with 60 Text Presets. 30 In and 30 Out. Animation for any type of texts. Everything is by presets, no animation keys. There is an After Effects project with presets loaded.

It is perfect for Presentations, Ideas, Media and Memories. You don’t need any special skill in After effects. Even if you have never open it just watch the tutorial and you will succeed.

Stop spending extra time animating texts. Use the presets. This is a Project full of colors, animation and life .

Won a competition as Premium Quality Product


This file contains:

  • 60 text presets
  • After effects project with all presets and footages loaded
  • No plugins at all
  • Video gallery included
  • 3 detailed video helps
  • Motion Flow watch here
  • Bonus : 3 Full HD Backgrounds LOOPED watch here

Happy Users



Wish you success.

Let us know if you need extra work or just questions  :)

Appreciations !

  • Amazing project. It was very organized and easy to customize. I used it with great success. Thank you! laherrera5
  • Wonderful presets. I get my work done today . Plenty of presets for later work too. Good job !Typostart
  • Professional , added you at favorites ! every1_
  • Good Job. Really easy to use. zaker
  • Great Set ! ! product1
  • Great template! I purchased it today and it’s extremely easy to edit. hainz04
  • It is beautiful ! lizinodel
  • Wonderful set. My Video look great. Keep posting good job . genti3d
  • Ehy… thanks you ! manuel_ro
  • Great work ! RaviChand

For any questions before or after buying, feel free to contact at any time !

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