Photorealistic Earth scene with atmospheric optical phenomena

Updated for Element 3D v2

Special features:

  • Cloud shadow
  • Atmospheric refraction – realistic atmospheric limb, color shift at terminator and on the water surface
  • Airglow
  • Aurora
  • Lightpollution
  • Lightnings – with animated texture generator composition
  • Astronomically correct starfield
  • The atmospheric optical effects work with expressions. Since this is a dynamic environment, you don’t need to animate this effects, the apperance depends only on the position of the camera and lights.

    The package contains a version based on the updated Element 3D v1.6 of the project which you can use with CS5.5 or higher. The package also contains a version of the project for Element 3D v2.0.

    The update contains enhancements to the compatibility with CS6 or higher, and improvements of the atmosphere model and the starfield. Optical Flares 1.3.3 is required. Trapcode Particular 2.2 plugin is used only for an optional feature – this plugin is not required.

    Please check your graphics card’s compatibility with Element 3D before you purchase this project – you will find the specifications in the documentation of Element 3D: The scene works with high resolution textures. You may need to update your plugin, and vga driver to the latest version for best performance.

    2GB video memory is recommended for FullHD composition resolution with 4K textures (default settings), but you can increase the resolution of the scene and the textures, depending on how powerful your graphics card is. The user guide contains some workaround if your graphics card performance is not enough for the full resolution scene – but please note: the project was never tested on less than 1GB VRAM The render time will NOT be realtime, the primary goal is the apperance. Please read the FAQ for further information.

    The project contains 8K, 4K and 2K texture sets for Earth, and 4K, 2K and 1K texture sets for Moon. You may use any other texture sets – or you may create a fictional Earth-like planet, of course. The starfield is a 4Kx4Kx4K skybox, with astronomically correct texture for wide angle shots, and an 8Kx8Kx8K skybox for narrow angle shots. If this is too small for your setup, the main composition contains an optional Trapcode Particular preset for a fake starfield which is resolution independent.

    HD preview:

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