Simple Route Generator

Simple Route Generator

Project contents Script and After Effects template

1 Easy Routes 3D Maps Generator script main futures
Makes it easy to pinpoint your location on the map. With fewer clicks, generate 3D maps using your custom maps and targets. Auto animation for 3D Camera path, with adjustable zoom levels and camera angle. Have your maps ready in less time.

  • 2k 4K 8K any Resolution, any Frame rate.
  • Reusable, generate infinite number 3D maps.
  • Use your map (any size and shape)
  • Change duration or add stops with no keyframe. Layer markers are used instead, for is more quick and convenient. To change duration just click and drag a marker.

2. Easy Routes 3D Maps Elements. After Effects Template main futures
All elements are vector, scale to any size NO quality loss)

  • 63 animated map elements: icons, highlighters, dynamic routes
  • 155 countries maps with write on border animation (vector, scale to any size)
  • Procedural grass, sand and rock textures

See first what’s inside the project.
Full walk through watch on Vimeo here

1 Easy Routes 3D Maps Generator Script:


  • Fine tune your scene with live sliders:
  • Change camera point of view and zoom level at each location.
  • Change camera speed with layer markers (Live drag markers on the timeline)
  • Add stop between locations with a new marker. Shortcut key * (Numpad)
  • Change background color based on gradients.
  • Add realisme with camera depth of field
  • Change scene lighting and shadow intensity
  • Relocate targets
Route style:
Create different route combination by adjusting sliders
  • stroke width slider
  • points color slider
  • points size slider
  • points shape slider

Follow target 3D trackers
It’s a default Null layer that tracks the position of the route line start. Link your icon element to the Null layer to follow the line animation. It’s just a matter of parenting your icon layer to the Null tracker layer

Two types of 3D trackers:
  • “Follow target Direction” your icon auto oriented to path
  • “Follow target Face Camera” your icon would look towards you, no rotation just position

Add your content on the 3D map
Placeholders are generated and placed at each target location. Drag and drop in your content. High visibility placeholder. Always look at camera (on/off checkbox)

Highlight locations on your map with 2D to 3D Call-outs Trackers

  • Pinpoint a location from the 3D map to 2D point on the screen
  • Are generated automatically. A tracker it’s created and placed at each location
  • Rerelocate 3D and 2D points
  • Change size, shape, colors with sliders
2 Easy Routes 3D Maps Elements AE project
  • Vector shape layers. No quality loss
  • Convenient to use copy/paste.
  • Each element comes on one shape layer .
  • Customizable animation with sliders

Elements Package:

  • 35 pin icons
  • 10 animated highlighters
  • 5 animated arrows with sliders control, head size, color, length
  • 2 Dynamic Connect Points
  • 8 Animated Titles
  • 3 Dynamic Call outs (background)
  • 4 Textures (procedural grass, and dirt)

Customizable World Map Travel the world, zoom in close to the country’s level.

World map at 3 zoom level:

  • Countries level. Very large resolution: 15800×9900 px
  • Continents level. Large resolution: 7900×4900 px
  • World level. Medium 4900×3400 px
Sliders to change countries map color, background color and grid color.
Countries map names are included.

155 Countries Vector Maps as AE Shape Layers

  • Change map stroke, map width, map fill and stroke color
  • Auto “write on” map border animation

Music not included. Music by OddVision

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