Realistic Newspaper Builder

Realistic Newspaper Builder

Realistic Newspaper Builder

Modular structure

Beginner friendly, step by step tutorial (voiceover)

What’s inside:

  1. 14 Fly Through Scenes (Modular build)
  2. 12 Type On Scenes (Auto adjust to your text)
  3. 10 Word Focus Scenes (Auto adjust to your word)
  4. 3 Smart Animation Presets (Auto adjust to your content)
  5. WAV Sound fx (Keyboard typing)
  6. Video tutorial


Clean, minimal, no distractions. The focus is on you

Print effect

Build with procedural textures. Live sliders to change the texture look: spill color and spill amount.

Change look with Fonts

Use any font or go with the defaults: Georgia, Sequel San, Bebas Neue, Nouvelle Vague (Free fonts)

Animation Presets:

Drag, dop, done!
  1. Type On
  2. Background
  3. Highlighters

1 Type on:

Flexible. Long or short, manage all your text more easily with the Type on preset.

Preset Settings:

  • Typing speed
  • Auto pause after punctuation (like someone would make when typing)
  • Custom symbols: !@#$ ^x%x *()_+=
  • Blinking speed
  • Change animation starting time

2 Highlighter

Direct attention, word by word

  • Resize by drag & place
  • Any size, no quality loss (vectors)
  • Retime animation with slider
  • Change color

3 Background. Auto resize

Drag, drop, done! Takes the size from the text;

Project features:

  • Works in After Effects CC 2019 and above
  • Full HD resolution
  • 100% After Effects
  • Modular structure

Animated Icons are not included they can be found here:
by Balazsrenata

Music not included it can be found here: by Studio_39