Reflective Moves 4 (Stock Footage)

Reflective Moves 4 (Stock Footage)

Editor’s stuff series of clips—Reflective Moves Loop #4

Fourth in the row of 10 moving reflective bokeh loops.

Clip overview

Clip loops seamlessly, there is no limitation in the footage lenght. This shot is made with vintage Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 85mm f/1.8 manual lens which gives absolutely unique, stunning organic film look to the image and light reflections. The clip is made in Sony SLog 2 film color space and slightly graded to match Rec. 709 with my own 3D LUT. You can use it as a background or in overlay mode over your original clip in wide variety of projects—possibilities are endless :))

Clip details

  • Original Recording Format: raw MXF 4K
  • Framerate: 25 fps
  • Output Format: Full HD 1920×1080
  • Output Video Codec: photo JPEG
  • Camera: Sony F5
Reflective Moves 4 - 1

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Reflective Moves 4 - 2


You can use my royalty-free footage as a b-roll in various projects: documentary, reportage, videoclip, music video, corporate movie, promo video, corporate communication, advertising, commercial, news coverage, tv programme, and many more. Just dig deep in my selected portfolio items below or in my whole portfolio section for the best royalty free footage for your project.

Reflective Moves 4 - 3

Reflective Moves 4 - 4

Reflective Moves 4 - 5

Reflective Moves 4 - 6

Reflective Moves 4 - 7

Reflective Moves 4 - 8

Custom clips

Can’t find what you need? I have a dozen terabytes of clips in my archive, and I will gladly prepare a clip for you. Feel free to ask me via e-mail  :)

Topics covered

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Reflective Moves 4 - 9

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