Power Grain

Power Grain

Add style to your imported imagery with Power Grain! Power Grain allows you to apply great looking grain and texture to your Illustrator and Photoshop

files nondestructively with a ton of controls to help you create the right look for your project. Power Grain comes with 9 presets to get you working

right away.

Included Presets:

  • Power Grain (Dark)
  • Power Grain (Light)
  • Power Speed Grain
  • Power Edge Grain (Dark)
  • Power Edge Grain (Light)
  • Power Fractal (Dark)
  • Power Fractal (Light)
  • Power Fractal + Noise (Dark)
  • Power Fractal + Noise (Light)

The included controls let you dial in the right looks. With the 9 presets, there are thousands of possibilities.

Included Controls:

  • Grain Type
  • Grain Scale
  • Grain Complexity
  • Blend Mode
  • Secondary Grain
  • Colorize
  • Soften Grain
  • Animation Speed
  • Contrast & Brightness

Audio Track: Upbeat Energetic Pop