Dynamic Package Designer

Dynamic Package Designer

Create any box for your product with Dynamic Package Designer without any third party plugins. Dynamic Package Designer is loaded with features to make a custom box for any use. Since the box is created in 3D space, you have even more options when it comes to animating. The layer structure is setup to allow you to get up and running fast while maintaining the ability to modify the box at any point in the process. The controls are conveniently placed on null layers to give you quick access to the following build properties of the box:

  • Box Width
  • Box Depth
  • Box Height
  • Tab Length
  • Tab Height

Once you have the perfect box created, jump into the material layer to adjust the following material options:

  • Individual Box Face Color
  • Tab Color
  • Ambient Light
  • Diffuse
  • Specular Properties

The third section of the project is for adjusting the texture overlays. Currently you can apply textures to the front, side, and top of the box. The quick controls allow for adjustment of the following properties (some layers can be turned off to reduce unneeded geometry):

  • Texture Offset
  • Texture Scale
  • Back Layer ON/Off
  • Base Layer ON/Off
  • Hidden Side Layer ON/Off
  • Tabs ON/Off

Now you are ready to animate. The last layer in the project has controls to help you animate the folding of your box. Three sliders take care of the entire process. The three sliders include:

  • Lid (Open and close the top of the box)
  • Fold (Control the fold amount of the four sides)
  • Tabs (Fold the tabs)

The project file comes with a lights already added to the scene, but you can add your own to customize the project file for your needs. Jump in and design a dynamic package! To make sure that you get building on the right track, the project comes with a tutorial to walk you through the process.

Create your own look in a matter of minutes!

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