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hello. I just bought the slideshow, but it doesn’t seems to work properly. After i open the file, my After effect says that there are 44 expressions errors. I use After effect CC italian version. Can you help me? I should finish my work until next monday! Thank you Marco

Hello! Email us on nitroznn@gmail.com

Hi can you use any fonts with this?

yeah. any fonts

Where I can hide or replace that numbers animation on the corners?

hello! pls email us nitroznn@gmail.com with screens

I have bought this slideshow and I like it a lot. The Author is very helpful and respond to my question faster than I thought. In fact, I have bout three of his work and all of them are absolutely amazing. The author and his work deserve more than the limit rating. Thank you Nitrozme for your excellent work …


how to use, i’ve buy it, and i input my photo and didn’t working, the photo it’s still, didn’t move

How Can I Delete Grunge(Noise) of Background?

Hello! In main comp – render me you can delete grunge layer

I’m having issues finding out how to remove the blur vignette. What effect/layer controls this and how do I disable it?

Hello! In Scene Controller you can change VINGETTE LEVEL

Hi, I just bought it and after open, I have error message on every scene ont this line: thisComp.layer(“Scene Controller”).effect(“Mask Feather”)(“Slider”). How to remove this error please ?

Hello! Email us on nitroznn@gmail.com and we will help u!

Hi, Fantastic template! How do I extend it from 17 scenes to more? And how do I extend the scenes in length?

Hello! Email us on nitroznn@gmail.com and we will help u!

Is this template only usuable with landscape photos?

no, u can use any photos


Why is the video size, which I put in looks a small? It needs to be increased to 210% All right?

Bought your product yesterday:


Thanks for the speedy response. Also wrote a mail.

Sincerely, Sergei

Hello! Yep but dont worry it will be scale down automatically on project and u will have great quality

Hello, thanks, the quality is really very excellent. But I have not figured out how to move the captions, they are somewhere in the depths and I can’t find where to allocate them. Hidden movie titles.

Hello! can u email on nitroznn@gmail.com?

Hi there, I’m using photographs so would like to remove the distortion that you have in some areas of the image. How do I do that?


How do I replace the “Nitrozone presents” with an EPS? I just want it to inherit the animation like to word “Nitrozone”. Appreciate a fast answer. Thanks in advance!


I am trying to change the text on the animations but a part of it disappears outside of the text box. If I resize the text via transform, there will simply be more spacing between characters. How do I do to change the size of it so more text fits in?

Thanks in advance!

In character window

Can the small cursive text be removed easily? Is it a on/off trigger inside the settings? Pre Purchase Question

Hello, you can just disable this layer once in composition.

Hi In description it says from CS5.5… but in the sample video… CS 5 This project works from CS5 and above or only from CS5.5 ? Thanks

Cs 5.5 And above

Love the look of your project but when I type in my text which is a little longer it puts huge spaces between words and runs off the edge and can’t be seen! Please advise!

Just scaledown text size in Character window

Can I do a similar effect to this using your template? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXw-Qd8hs9A&feature=youtu.be


No I meant the zoom-out rather than Zoom-in parallax effect.

Yes you can

Thanks! Will get it then :)


japefu75 Purchased


Hello! Our developer will contact you soon