Discussion on Mosaic & Multiscreen Maker Auto

Discussion on Mosaic & Multiscreen Maker Auto

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Hello, I hope you’re fine

I bought your script, but it doesn’t work, I tried the tutorial procedure 4 times on two different computers, but absolutely nothing happened.

I executed the script, I select the folder where the images are, I click on the ‘placement’ button

it creates me a folder “multicreen folder” and a composition “reveler”

but there is absolutely nothing

help me solve this problem.

thanks for understanding

hello open the aep project file first then run script please

Hi, I don’t understand the ‘shortened file path’ thing. I can’t select a folder, only a file. How do I do this?

hello thank you for purchase , you should run multicreen maker.jsx

I can´t download the file here. Error. Please do you have an other link?

Thanks for your fast support via E-Mail


please do follow in order as tutorial video. please email to

Struggling with the template saying not enough footage files..Is this a video formatting issue?

please check 1. Footage folder should be placed on shorten file path 2. do not contain non-footage extension files into footage folder . if not solved please email to with captured errors

What’s new in the update posted today? Also is the extended version included in the latest release?

its patched file filtering .ds_store and .ini

This is not working properly on AE 2020, I have followed your intructions as above yet there are issues reading jpegs and with basic functions of creating comps!

hello sorry for what is happening, please check first have you opened after effects project file before running script , if not solved please email me to with screen shots of errors

Hi there. Is there a way to extend the length of the panel? I can increase the composition length, but after 30 seconds it transforms in an unusual way.

Also had the .ds_store issue on Mac, but I deleted the file on PC before copying the files back

Apart from that it looks and works great

please leave your email here , let me send you extended version

hello. can i use this script, vertiral and horzintal video same time, same project.

i am sorry i don’t understand

Can I make the payment from debit card. I am from India

please contact envato market help center , i have no authorization to purchase issue .

In After Effects 2018 after clicking on the Replacement button, only empty compositions are created: #MULTISCREEN and #REVEALER. And it’s all. In After Effects 2019 even worse: I get error Not Enough Footage Files!

I use JPEG and MP4 types of files.

Now in After Effects 2018 I also get an error Not Enough Footage Files!

What is the problem? Can this be solved?

please email to , i am sorry i have no clue from words please send me screen recording

The problem is solved! Thank! :)

Is it possible to make a multiscreen video of over 1 minute with this template? If so, how can I do that the most effective way? I want to make a video of 5,5 minute.

please leave your email support mail will be reached

Hi there I bought the Mosaic & Multiscreen Maker Auto. My version of After Effects is 2015. I have a problem. I open the program I run the script and it stops there. The Multiscreen Maker window does not open. What I can do?

could you please record video of errors and send it to ?

Hi. Is it possible this script doesn’t work with AE 2020? Because it does nothing.

It turns out it was the file format. It’s stockfootage from and in .mov – format… Your script is working great with mp4’s.


rate this 5 stars please :)

shure I will. .-)

the project only appears to accept stills as Jpegs only .

hello support mail sent please check it out

lots of limitations, it will only accept certain sizes of Jpegs, the frame background is not able to be changed and once you have committed the layout of the frames you cant go back and add more pics or readjust you have to start all over again . all of which makes it a very slow process.

Hi! Can I chose and zoom into any frame? Or it’s a grid look only? Thanks!

this project makes multi compositions i guess it would be possible thank you

is this only for photos? video?

you can use both pictures and videos thank you

how many photo can i add? Can i add 1000 photos?

it might be possible but it slows down your computer

why i cant open it???

where can i get support?

can you tell me how i get the panel to rotate as it does in your video @ 0:36? i would like to recreate that exactly with my own videos. thank you!

please leave your email, thank you so much

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