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Hi, is it possible to make it my own like hand hold mobile, another hand tap clicks and image showing from right to left ?

Hi! I’m not sure if I fully understood your question, but all the gestures are done with the hands shown in the preview video.



I want to put a gif insted a mobile inanimated screen, is it possible with your mobile app kit?


Not sure if I got the question right, but it is possible to import GIF’s into Adobe After Effects.

Can I buy it and support me in editing against agreed payment ?

I’ve recently made a purchase for this and when downloading many of the files seem to be missing (no ‘(1) project setup’ folder or ‘(2) Ready Made App Promos’ etc.) – I’ve tried contacting Envato and even though a ticket was opened i’ve heard nothing from them?

Hi again,

All the folders you mentioned do exists – they are located within the project file itself, inside After Effects (not in the footage folder where you’re currently looking).

See screenshot below:

(be sure to check out the included video tutorials and PDF documentation) :)

Ah, you’ve made me realise my mistake! Sorry for the misunderstanding, everything’s here.

Awesome product by the way, thanks :)

Awesome, glad to help! And thanks for the great review :)


yerlel Purchased

hi in the Mobi – App Promo Toolkit there is a mobile phone with screen rotating within; I cant find a reference to this in the theme. is it there?

Hi and thanks for purchasing Mobi! Yes definitely, there are specific screens and entire scenes both in Portrait and Landscape (rotated) mode.

You can find them all from within the project panel inside After Effects as seen in the image below -


Hi, wanted to know if there’s a way to change the skin color of the hand? :) Love the template!

Hello! Thanks for the great feedback :) Changing the hand skin color isn’t a feature of the template, but perhaps you can try using the Hue/Saturation effect.


mwise04 Purchased

Before I purchase the template I wanted to confirm that I have to purchase adobe after effects first and then I will be able to download the template?

Thanks for your interest in the template. Yes, editing the template is done with Adobe After Effects (any version from CS6 up to the most recent CC version).


mwise04 Purchased

Thank you. I purchased the template but when I open it up it says 156 files are missing since it was last saved. Before that is says this project must be converted from version 11.0 (windows 64)

Thanks for purchasing the template :)

May I ask if you copied the entire folder from the .zip file to your computer? Be sure to drag out the entire folder, and not only the .aep project file.

If you did extract the entire folder and files still didn’t link properly for some reasons, it’s a super easy fix. In the project panel simply select and right-click on one of the missing files, and then re-link it to file location on your computer. This will automatically re-link all the rest of the files.

If you have any difficulties doing this please reach out at and I’ll send a detailed email with screenshots :)

p.s. that conversion note you mentioned is fine. It just indicates the original project was saved to be compatible with earlier versions of After Effects.

Hi there! Is it possible to use the templates with Final Cut pro?


Hi! The template works only with Adobe After Effects (any version from CS6 up to the most recent CC version). It doesn’t work with Final Cut pro.

Hello! Do you have the hand gestures by a black person instead of white? I’m in Africa and it wouldn’t make business sense for the promo to have only white people.

Hello! Thanks for your interest in the template. To answer your question, unfortunately not, but if it helps – the hand gestures can be switched off with a click of a button (that way there are no gestures, but only screen actions).


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I want something very simple. Something like this:

How much do you charge to create a video like this?? I imagine 90% of the work is already done and wont take you long to do the remaining 10%

Hey there, we don’t currently offer customization services but definitely check out Envato Studio for quick and affordable options: