Minimal - Broadcast Pack Pro

Minimal - Broadcast Pack Pro

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With this complete package of motion graphics you can give a fresh, clean and dynamic style to your videos. Ideal for TV shows, presentations, videos online, web headers, etc. The graphic design is very clean and elegant while still being dynamic and current. This project was made entirely on transparent background, so you can upload your videos in your favorite editing program, this can result in render much faster and more comfortable editing, but anyway you can upload your videos in the project. Moreover, in most of the utilities you can easily change the length. I hope you like and find it useful.

Main features:

  • Works on After Effects CS4 and newest.
  • Full HD and HD resolution (1920×1080 and 1280×720)
  • No plugins needed
  • 24 useful utilities
  • 20 social icons included free to use!
  • Very fast to render
  • Universal – Works in all language versions
  • You can edit all with 6 controllers
  • 4 Video tutorials included
  • You should load only once your brand and choose colors for all utilities
  • Very easy to customize
  • You can choose between 6 clean textures
  • The font are free, you can find the links inside the product.
  • You can get the music of the preview (Momentum) HERE
24 Utilities
  1. Intro
  2. Lower Third
  3. Lower Third II
  4. Logo ID (Left and Right)
  5. Logo ID II (Left and Right)
  6. Season
  7. Next
  8. Next Small (Left and Right)
  9. Show AD
  10. Slide
  11. Slide II
  12. Slide III
  13. Slide IV
  14. Slide V
  15. Slide VI
  16. Slide VII
  17. Bumper
  18. Info
  19. Tonight
  20. Sponsor
  21. Sponsor Small (Left and Right)
  22. Split
  23. Social(Left and Right)
  24. Titles
6 Controllers
Color A / Color B / Original Brand / Original Text Color / Texture / Spike

The product include:
  • Minimal Broadcast Pack Pro.aep
  • Tutorial 1: (3.07 min.)
  • Tutorial 2: (3.09 min.)
  • Tutorial 3: (20.58 min.)
  • Tutorial 4: (2.19 min.)
  • Minimal – Controller Data.pdf (Controllers data of 4 custom samples)
  • Links: Free Fonts and music of the preview
Note: This project uses some of the Cycore FX, this coming with the After Effects, except with the trial version of the program.

This work is entirely my own. All visual design, animation, development, layout and assets of this product are of my own creation. Any similarity to any other design work, video animation or any artwork is purely coincidental. If you have any questions about this please contact me for additional details.
To contact me you can do from my profile page (bottom right).

All videos used as previews are not included in the product.

The following videos (used like previews) has Creative Commons license.
SPEED – Auf der… by Camino Filmverleih (Film Distributors) / CC
Hard Rock Sofa at Republic by Edmundo Yeomans (Filmmaker) / CC
Already Gone by Ross Ching (Director of the video) / CC
Project London: Official Trailer by Phil McCoy (Executive Producer of the video) / CC
Cinematography Showreel 2009 – 2010 by Paul van Kaldenkerken (Filmmaker) / CC
The Script Machine by LateNite Films (Production Company) / CC
King of the Waves by Buckled Cranium (Production Company) / CC

I have also used these videos (like previews) which I have all permissions.
Fraktal Band (Live Concert)
Salome Soria Prado (Dance mash-up) by Charlie Vilaró Nadal
Lolabarcelona by Charlie Vilaró Nadal
Emilita Lobo – Videobook by Charlie Vilaró Nadal

The picture of the woman used in the image preview belongs to THOR (Beauty of Youth red lipstick) Creative Commons [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you so much to all this authors.
If you have any questions, get in touch. Please rate if you like it.