Discussion on Map Route Generator

Discussion on Map Route Generator

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hkati Purchased

I cannot increase its final duration, it cannot be entered. Thanks for helping! – found it :)

hello for technical support please contact me on thank you


hkati Purchased

Sorry, I need help. You switch views at 8:46 in the video. How to do this? Everything works fine for me so far, but I’m stuck here.—-Sorry, I found it!


hkati Purchased

Sorry, I found it!


ashefx Purchased

Hello Marco, first of all thanks a lot for this wonderful project and congratulations for big sale. before purchase i want to confirm that the 3D Car and the 3D Runner character is included? if not then where do i get the same 3D runner obj file which you used in your demo video. your reply will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

hello asheFx, thank you very much! About the 3d objects, they are not included in the template but they are free and you can easily find them on the web. Honestly I don’t exactly remember the website of the car (maybe About the runner, I downloaded it from “mixamo” by Adobe. Imported into Cinema 4D, converted to Obj sequence, and finally imported in Element 3D. Very important: remember that if you want to use 3d objects you must have Element 3D plugin! Regards Marco


ashefx Purchased

Thanks a lot dear

Nice work!

Everything in the cart has been purchased today. One of them is yours. I don’t need this. I’d like a refund, please. Please, please.

Hello I’m sorry for this inconvenience but the refund requests are managed by Envato so you have to contact the Envato support team. Thank you

Hello I am planning to use this in my travel vlog where I do road trips and want to visualise my routes. But have a question before I purchase a license.

Can I use it in my videos (multiple) on my Youtube Channel with a Regular license?

I don’t know which are these AE/premiere tools that allow to use them unlimited times, maybe you’re talking about the add-ons category, but unfortunately this product includes a project file and for envato it can just be covered by a regular or extended license. Well, in my opinion Envato should give more license options to the author of the templates, because there are some situations where the usage of a template for a single end product is correct (eg. a Logo Reveal template) and where it is absolutely senseless. For example if I purchase a transition pack spending more than 60 dollars and I just want to use one transition, should I purchase it again if I want to use the same transition for another video?... Ok, as you can read in the article that I sent you, there is this sentence: “You can use a single license to make a series of end products (eg TV series, webisodes, or a magazine with monthly editions). To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.” So in you case you could consider your vLogs like a series because they are connected, so in my opinion you are free to create up to 52 episodes in one year and just purchase a new license the next year

I agree with you I am going to contact Envato Support to make sure if my vlog counts as single product as long as I create travel videos.

I was talking about which has regular license option but in description they have described it can be used by one client in one channel.

Ok please let me know


kacp Purchased

license is incorrect or this license is not assigned to you, please contact support!

Hi Marco,

I’m on AE 22.4.0 Mac, and the “Map Route Generator V4” panel is opening up completely blank. When I opened the HD version of the project, I did get an alert that AE needed to convert the project from a Windows 10 version. I need to get this plugin to function within the next two hours, if possible. Thanks!


Hello please contact me on thank you

Hi, does this work with google earth studio?

Hello no it doesn’t

“Envato purchase code is invalid, please contact support!” Could it be the registration information is in Chinese

Hello just sent you an email

Problem solved, thank you

Hello Marco,

I bought last year map route generator. I uninstalled it cause I didn’t need it last year because of our company was closed. now we started again so I try to install it but when I try to run the script in after effects he said error user or something like that, so I can’t activate it… Can you help me with this?

Hello please send me a screenshot of the error to thank you

I’m new to After Effects. I have placed the jsx file in the right folder. However when I import my map on the HD project and try to find “Map Route Generator” on the scroll down window it isn’t there. Actually, how can the program be installed? How can I activate the program? I don’t see anything on running the program. All I have are files in the zip document. Thanks.

Hey guys, I was able to install the program. I’m running it in HD, I’m having trouble adding locations. It won’t show on the screen and when I try to create path it says I need to create the locations. Any one with the same issue?

Hello, I got a strange behaviour of the video. Basically the tracker stays in the middle and the map is moving around leaving black spaces in the video. Any idea why? Thank you

Hello please send me your video to Thank you

Does not work on Mac M1 MAX .

Hello you can run the script in a different way: Go to File -> Scripts -> Run Script File and choose the Map Route Generator jsx file. Thank you

So if I understand it correctly after a purchase I can only use it in one video? Even if the video is not a product I charge for?

hello the terms of use of the licenses are the same for ALL products on the Envato market, and you can read some rules here: If you have any doubt you can contact the envato support team. Thank you

“Envato purchase code is invalid, please contact support!”

Hello please visit:

Hallo! Immer wenn ich in After Effects 2022 das Skript Map Route Generatort V4 öffnen will, kommt bei mir die Fehlermeldung: undefined – Network Error Please allow scripts to access network: Edit – Preferences – General – Allow scripts to write files an access to network danach ist das zusätzliche Feld nur Grau ohne darin etwas zu sehen ist. Was mach ich falsch? Gruß Christian

Hello, the script suggests the old path to “allow scripts to write files an access to network”. From the cc2019 you can access to this option from: “Edit -> Preferences -> Scripting and Expressions. Here you’ll find the option to check. Regards Marco

Hat funktioniert, danke

Hi, seems great but just a question, do the maps come preloaded or I have to scour online for my own?

Hello, the template doesn’t include nor automatically downloads maps. You have to import your own image. As you can see in the example you can use any image: an Earth Map, a map of your city, a photo of your dog :-) etc… and the template will create a path over your image according to the position of your points. Regards Marco

Hi marco, is there a way to create more than one route?

no I’m sorry, because the camera can follow 1 track. If you wanto to exclude the camera and keep a static view of the map you can:
- hide the current camera layer
- create a new camera a set its position to get the static view that you prefer
- export the animation
- reset the project and create the new path
- export only the path animation hiding the map and all the others elements
- create a new project. Import and mix the first animation (map + first path) with the second animation (second path).
In this way the second path (with alpha channel) will overlap the main map animation with the first path

Nice I think that workaround might work, I will try it. Thanks for the response!

Hi Marco. Great product. How can I reduce the speed of the tracker(without stop on points)? I need a slower movement without the jagging I get when I reduce the speed in my NLE…

Hello lars, the travel speed can be set with the script. If you want to adjust the speed in your NLE it would be preferable to create a very slow animation in after effect (for example you could set the animation duration to 3 or 4 minutes) and then speed up the animation in your nle according to your needs

Thanks for your Quick Reply. When I do so – the tracker slows down but all pins and markers remains/pops up at the original timing/speed… Any fix?

Did you press the “align info tabs pin starting time” button?


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