Discussion on Make Your Flag

Discussion on Make Your Flag

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Great looking, useful project! Wish you many sales and all the best! :)

Thanks Irony… iwish you all the best to …both of you :)

hy very cool project, but how How can I make a nice loop ? The connection between the last frame and the first frame is not good ! is it a solution ? Thanks

Hi :) Thanks for the purchase. Please send me a mail so i can answer to you

I am updating the file to be a perfect loop. This needs reviewing I think something like one or two days. Anyway if you send me a mail I ll get your mail so I can send you the new file that is a loop.

Thank you very much it’s perfect now.

happy to know :)

file is broken… .rar dont open is anyone help me?

Hi mertsariyildiz…... send me a mail please so i can get your mail and i tell you what to do :)

probably you find a solution in your problem since you never contact me any more. If you need something mail me :)

So Great , Really Useful ! Congads My Friend ! :)

Thanks :)

Fantastic work realthing! Wonderfully executed!


Hey there.. Looks like a great project and what I need.. Can you please tell me the resolution it can do? 1920×1080?

You might want to stick that on your description!

Wishing you many sales! (including mine if it does 1080 LOL!) Thanks!

Its 1920×1080 ;).... and thanks for the nice comments :)

I love it. good job :)

Thanks a lot… glad you like it :)

Excellent project! Very versatile and customisable. Im already very happy with my purchase.. Just wondering if there is a setting to slow the animation down? I think you could do this in premier however it would be great to know if it can be done in after effects..


Well you can do that using “time” in after effects very easy, (if you dont know how i can show you dont worry. But i think that i have to update the file adding some controllers for basic things like that… so stay tuned :) BTW Thank you so much for the purchase, if you need something feel free to mail me :)

Hey thanks for replying.. One last “nice to have” feature would be an intensity setting for the waves.. Its not essential however if you know a method to control this it would be very much appreciated..

Thanks again!

Thanks for the ideas…. i think you are right….. i have to do that :)

If I got this product, would it be possible to have a person placed in front of it? My idea is to have a person singing the national anthem while the flag is waving in the background. The shot would be of the singer’s whole body. Also, would I need a green screen to do so?

Yes you can place anything you want using a green screen . Nick.