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Excellent Work!!!! Amazing!!!!


Very original work! :)


Nice animation! Cool project! :)


I can’t seem to change the text in scene2. Any ideas? I’m running R13 Studio.

First, You must clear cache of the Cloner dynamics tag to see effect

Check Your mail, please…

check Your mail please

great job & Good luck with your sales :)

thanks a lot :)

Hey SUBART! I have to be totally honest, I purchased you countdown because I thought it was amazing, even though I have no knowledge of Cinema 4d. I might have been a bit naive in thinking I would be able to figure it out… Opened it in Cinema 4D and can’t figure out how to change the text. Want to change the numbers to 4 different letters. If you or someone else here, could explain how to edit this, I would be really appreciative.

Using cinema R14

Hi, sorry for late response. Please read the Help file and You need to clear dynamic cache to see result on the fly. If You want to change text, You must replace curves.

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;) You can also use my composition with a watermark in your projects. I would be very happy. Thanks for your work and good luck!


Is there any way to increase the amount of numbers in the countdown? Thanks, great composition!


Very nice work. Good luck!

can i use an a shape from illustrator, or to be exact tweaked type form illustrator or must it be fonts only ?

You can use a splines imported from illustrator or any shape of splines.