Leverage your Data - Advanced Analytics Explainer

Leverage your Data - Advanced Analytics Explainer


                                Leverage your Data – Advanced Analytics Explainer

This is a two part project, consisting of an explainer about how intelligence and analytics services can help you enhance your online business by leveraging your biggest digital asset, your data. Second part of the project is the collection of nine scenes, featuring nine digital channels and services that are usually part of your online business presence.

Main features:
  • 100% After Effects
  • Voiceover Included
  • Very customizable, modular structure
  • (I) Explainer: 4 stand alone scenes, 20 media + 20 text placeholders, you can choose from quick customization to very detailed one
  • (II) 9 scenes, one layer per scene, resizable, color controls built-in, duration from 7 to 13s (around 10 seconds average)
  • Total duration (First part 2:30 minutes, Second part 1:32 minutes)
  • AE CS5 and above
  • No Plug-ins Required
  • Explainer is 1920×1080 and the scenes are resizable
  • PDF & Video tutorials included
Project scene description:
  • (I) Advanced Analytics Explainer:
  • Scene 01: Leverage your data
  • Scene 02: Identify & Testing
  • Scene 03: Tracking
  • Scene 04: Personalization
  • (II) Nine Digital Channels
  • Scene 01: Web Site
  • Scene 02: SEO
  • Scene 03: PPC
  • Scene 04: E-Mail Marketing
  • Scene 05: CRM
  • Scene 06: Social Media
  • Scene 07: CMS
  • Scene 08: Mobile
  • Scene 09: Analytics

Not included in the project but can be found here:

Audio : Upbeat Ukulele by D-Music,

Font: Download link for the used font is in the project. Please rate if you like this project  :) and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me through my profile page.

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