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Hello, I just download the new version and receive the error: “No compatible applications were found…” I have installed the latest version of After Effects (15.1.1 Build 12). What can I do ??? I tried aescript & ZXP installer :-(

Hello! I apologize for these inconveniences. Please try this solution: https://videolancer.net/faq-items/can-not-install-the-motion-bro-extension-using-zxpinstaller/

Hi, this was working but now when placing Film > Medium over footage in a new Composition I get this Strange Green Look, do you know what is causing this? https://drive.google.com/file/d/14lkQsyqLpoybKxYh2MnTQZ7e808gXdoc/view?usp=drivesdk

Hello! Could you send me your AEP-file to mail@videolancer.net? So that I can find the cause faster. In your message, please provide a link to this comment.

Hi, have sent email through is called “Green Project Transition Error – Frankie”

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello! we are couple students want to buy this package, but we have question about can we use package for different computers. We will not use this for commercial, just for education. is it okay. thank you so much!

Hi, is there a way to use these transitions in Premier Pro and not in After Effects? Thanks. Nika

Hello! Unfortunately, in Premiere Pro it is technically impossible to create most of the presets, similar to those created in After Effects for the Motion Bro extension. The problem is that Premiere Pro is very limited in the ability to create effects and does not have the necessary tools. However, you can use After Effects presets in Premiere Pro, using Dynamic Link, as shown in this video tutorial: https://youtu.be/8thjnDJJseE

Ok, thank you! I´ve installed the Presets Pack but there is nothing but the bar, I can´t see any transitions.After entering the code I don´t have any option to open the transitions list, there is only the bar but nothing below it. How can I fix this? Nika

Please send a screenshot to mail@videolancer.net, so that I understand how it looks visually? In your message, provide a link to this comment.

Hi, I was looking to de register my cd and add it to a different computer. how would i do that?

De register my purchase code

Hello! You can use one purchase code on two computers (which belong to one end user)

we are deleting this end user because they don’t work for us any more. we need to put it on a new users account. That person does not work for my company any more.


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Hi, i just bought this pack and followed the installing instructions. Everything went well before step 3. I renamed the file to Motion Bro.ZIP and tried to ¨Unpack resulting ZIP archive¨ but when i click on it just makes a copy of the file and now i don’t know what to do. I also tried to just paste it in to ¨Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions¨ but i cant find but i cant find it… This my first time doing something like this so i really need some help :/ Tank you

Hello! You can see the installation process in this video: https://youtu.be/G2O4APRqpzc . This is shown for the old version of the extension, but the directory is the same.

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi I bought your package, I installed motion bro, tried importing the Handy Seamless Transitions.list file and it asked me for a purchase code which i cannot find in the project files at all, do you send it through mail? How can I get mine? Thanks

Sorry I posted this without seeing the entire tutorial, everything works fine, you made a great product!


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when i want to add presets in AE CC 2018: Script Alert – Go to ,Edit , Preferences, General and Turn on checkbox, allow scripts to write files and access network. i dont know wthat i have to do


Kogoduos Author Team

Hello! You can find it Here

Hello! You can see this step here: https://youtu.be/FqIJ0wU2d_A?t=1m39s (this is shown for old version of the extension)


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Hi there, I’ve combed through the comments but cant seem to find an answer to my question.

Question – i am intending on making travel/ informative videos and posting to youtube, 1) can i use the downloaded software on more than 1 video i post, and 2) do i need to make changes to my regular license i have purchased e.g. like an upgrade to extended? Thanks

Hello! You can buy once and use an unlimited amount of times. In your case there is no need to buy an extended license.

hello i followed all the steps to download on mac snd i cant find it in AE when i pull down window for extensions

Hello! Have you watched this video tutorial? https://youtu.be/uWSq7Ef6nNs


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i tried using ZXPinstaller it failed when i downlad the file from the site it doesnt say motion bro it says videohive handy seemless transition pack

Hello! Unfortunately I did not quite understand the problem. Could you send a screenshot to mail@videolancer.net, so that I understand how it looks visually. In your message, please include a link to this comment.


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figured it out thanks

I’ve upgraded to After Effects to 15.1.1. (build 12) I also tried to upgrade Motion Bro as well but I’m getting “Installation failed because the extension is not compatible with the installed applications

I’m trying to install Motion Bro but I’m receiving “Installation failed because the extension is not compatible with the installed applications

Try to use another method from here: https://videolancer.net/motionbro/help/extension-installation/ If it will not help, write please, the message through videolancer profile page. In message write the method which you used and what error did you get. Thank you!

The manual install worked!

Nice work! Amazing transitions!

how do I use them in Premiere Pro if I don’t have After Effects downloaded?