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Error ocurred at Line 1. Comp “Interstellar Wandering” Layer. 30 (“Galactic Preview”) Property: “Opacity”.


Open GL crash was happening with project file.

I should get paid for debugging your file.

“You can use the provided prerendered footage as a master shot in any editing software but you may expand it further with the help of the included After Effects project file.” – Completely misleading I knew it was to good to be true.

You should read the FAQ as it has a simple solution for your first problem.

The OpenGL error maybe caused by the Element 3D plugin – maybe your OpenGL driver or the plugin is not up to date, or the resolution is to large for your hardware… I don’t know exactly – similar error are not occurred previously and your message is not contains diagnostic informations.

All information about the project are available in the description or in the F.A.Q. ( http://videohive.net/item/galactic-tour-ii/5819079/support ) and if anything is not clear enough, you have an option to contact me anytime through my profile page before you purchase the project.

Bravo on an amazing project. I also purchased the Terra Project. I contacted you via your profile, but there was no response. Would you happen to have frames where the Galactic Disc is fully in the frame? I want to start my animation from much further away.

I am also planning on placing a space station near orbit of the earth, if you had to guess, how far away from the camera would the Earth be so I can get the correct perspectives?

Thank you, and sorry for the slow respond time.

I will send you some detailed informations, but I has not been made a more distant view to this scene, so I need to create an additional render for your request.

You need to place the camera to 165px distance above the Earth surface in Terra project if you want to get the ISS viewpoint – unfortunately the existing textures resolutions (e.g. the 86K Blue Marble dataset from NASA ftp://neoftp.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/bluemarble/bmng/world_500m/) is not enough for this extreme close-up.

Hi. Thanks for the great project. Although I am trying 3 days now to download it. It always stops at random places. Since I am in a very tight spot and I need it quickly, could you please send it toy me via We transfer or a similar service:. politisnik@yahoo.gr


Its just a video file! It is not AE proj. Why you did not mention that its only a video file?

Hi, my new project is an editable interstellar scene. Please watch it, if you need an inside view of a galaxy with full control. Please read the description about limitations. http://videohive.net/item/perseus-sector/12841947 You can contact me through my profile page if you have any further question.

Hello. I have once bought your project that I absolutely was not necessary due to the fact that it was not a project and footage. will You be able to replace me project that I bought for this project that you are proposing now? With all respect, Andrew

Sorry, but I can’t help – I’m only the author of the project, the seller is the Envato.

Hi there, are you able to provide the file with the sample text thats at the end of the demo video where the “galactic tour II” text flows into the frame and becomes stationary and then the background fades out leaving the text behind. I thought that sample text file would also be included in the purchase since it was in the demo video

Hi, the sample text are included, but the demo animation settings not. However the method is very simple: just split the text layer, and parent the second half to the camera.

Perfect thank you!

Elements 3D V2 that is compatible with?

It is works for me. But the E3D object is only a sample for illustrate how can you work with it in this project – so this is not an important feature.

I don´t really understand the description of this project, or why it´s filed under “AE project files”: It looks really cool – however, I have never seen a project with so many disappointed customers who ALL thought they were getting an editable AE file, and not just an (awesome) video file. May I suggest you either make the file editable – or file it under “Stock footage”? It would perhaps be more accurate and in the end cause less problems. Unless I have completely misunderstood what this project is about, of course..

Having said this, your project looks amazing, and I hope to see more cool things from you. All the best from Denmark :)

Hi, thanks for your comment. This project contains a stock footage of the galaxy and a project file with the original camera track, and some masks. You can add your element seamlessly to the stock footage with the project file – a title, a planet or any others what you need. I think some customers has not read carefully the full description, or not contact me when some information is not clear enough. The main asset is a stock footage, but you can use it much more flexible with the project file than a conventional stock material. The Envato review team has approved the classification.

This is just stock footage. Terribly misleading! It is not the project file for the video… Just the video.

The description contains all information. “The editable galaxy setup is not included.” Please read it before you purchase the project.

Hi, my new project is an editable interstellar scene. Please watch it, if you need an inside view of a galaxy with full control. Please read the description about limitations. http://videohive.net/item/perseus-sector/12841947 You can contact me through my profile page if you have any further question.

TF This is spectacular and epic. Keep your work.

Thank you!

All I want to do is change the title. But do I still need to get TrapcodeParticular, OpticalFlares and Element 3D? I didn’t realize that to get these things, this project would end up being over $1000, which is steep if all I ever wanted to do was just customize the words and that’s it.

You don’t need to use everything for this. The title is a simple text layer, so you don’t need these plugins to change it. Just turn off the unnecessary layers (1-9) and type what you want on the 11th layer. The user guide contains the detailed description, and you will find some comments in the project file. This may help you for further customization.

Just for me as info how did you create the galaxy, did you use a 3D program or made it all in aftereffects with particular?

Hi, the project created only in AE with Trapcode Particular, and some 3D layers. (Please note, the Galactic Tour contains only the prerender, and the camera path of the original animation. The Particular settings does not included.)

Extraordinary work ! I bought Galactic Tour & Galactic Tour 2 and I wonder if you could provide a ProRes 444 Quicktime version or better yet, a sequence of images at 10 bits. When color correction is performed, banding appears in black zones, especially visible in high resolution monitors. I look forward for your answer. Thank you very much and all the best.


Is it possible to integrate Terra in this scene?

Yes it is possible, but not a simple method. Much more easier if you not integrate the scenes, only animate the cam similarly in Terra.

Cool ok, thanks!

Hi, The product is amazing, but I have an issue with the optical flares.

Every time I open the project file, I get an “unrecoverable” problem with optical flares, but when I open a new project and add the flares in, no issues.

I’ve looked at the VideoCopilot support for this, and the only issue they say it is, is an old version of optical flares my end, but I have the most recent version.

Unsure how to go about this, thanks


I have done the Capslock thing, sort of worked. The other Issue I have here, is there are 2 expression errors about layers. Both suggesting there should be 30 layers, but there isn’t…

I’ve fixed it. For anyone having the same issue as me, one of the flares on the first layer has “disable 3D perspective” checked, un-check this and recheck it, this will reset the flare. Happy animating everyone :-)

Oh, and also un-check GPU :)