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Perfect work!

wow very good job on this, fantastic work :) i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Very cool work! Nice one!

Nice project ! :)

Very good job!

Excellent work!

Looks nice!)

Cool work!

Can you swap out the chess pieces with other objects?

Hello adamguze! We guess it would require quite an effort to swap our the pieces with other objects, as we have rendered all pieces in one image sequence and then masked out each one of them separately..

Can you update the file with individual elements that they can be swapped out? That would mean major sales!

Apologies, but by “swap out” we understood replacement of files.There are separate 3d compositions in each Text scene, where you can insert your objects/images. However, please note that there will be no rotation to these images/objects, as rotation of our chess pieces was also pre-rendered. If you need more information, kindly contact our through our profile page and we can discuss further. ;)

Fine work, I wish a lot of sales !!! and good luck!!