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Thats a GREAT & useful Pack! Surely it deserves some serious sales! Best wishes!

just… HUGE !

Nice and useful package

Thank you all…

Very nice and useful project man:)

WOW huuuge project :) good work AvidEditor :) you deserve lots of sales

Amazing pack! Good luck with sales!!!

thank you all again…

Is the editor toolkit will work whit After effect??

This file contains 65 QuickTime that can be imported to ANY editing or compositing software. Of course it can be used also in After Effects. With Blending Mode you have the result of the preview video. Thank you for your interest!

Thanks, just buy it !!! Great stuff !!

Thank you !


For the price, hands down the best little kit I have seen and I’ve been a professional Avid Editor for 16 years!



Thank you VERY much !

Hi AvidEditor! I’m producing a television series and we would love to use this effect. Are you available to discuss this in further detail? If so, I left you a message with my contact info and would love to chat with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Bridget

Hi AvidEditor! I received your email and sent you a response! We would love to use your toolkit! Please email or call me at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much!

Ok. I will send to you an e-mail soon

Awesome, thank you very much!