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Thank you! :)

sweet! nice edited with the music. great preview

Many thanks!

very nice work !

Thanks a lot!

Exellent work!

Thanks Maxim!

Cool idea wish you the best!!!

Thank you Vladimir!

Great Job. But you missed the fonts AlpacaScarlettDemo and AmericanPurpose. Where do I get these? Thanks in advance

Thanks for your purchase.
These are:
American Purpose Stripe 1

Very nice work! Wish you many sales!!!

Thank you very much!

another great one, bro!

Thanks a lot!

Hey Muko!

It’s an awesome work. My question is: how can I extend the video for more pictures (approx. 300)? Is that possible?


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Right now I’m starting to update this template, the plans are to create a version with about 200 placeholders and lasting 1:55 minutes, I still do not have a launch date for the update, just remember check the box of update, to notify when is the update.

hello from Greece, May i ask you if i can short the duration as much as i wish? Thank you in advance Takis

Hello Takis, I’m glad to hear from you again.
The quick answer is yes, the animation can be shortened by removing some sections, if you want more detailed information, please contact me on my profile page.

hi Muko, thank you for your reply….i will do it asap :) Regards Takis

Does it come as is, including the video footage and music?

Music and video clips in the preview video, not included in the download file.

Hi Can i extend the video?

Sorry this is not possible

Very nice work :)

Thanks! :)

Hello there! Very nice work on this :) I was wondering A-How can I remove sections (for example, keeping from placeholder 6 to 12 and then from placeholder 65 to 70 and then insert a longer video in between. Thanks ! :)

Thanks for your purchase and your feedback :)
Please contact me on my profile page.

Hi author, Are the colors of the red -and blue-ish squares that fade in and out of the screen easy customisable? I need them to be green.

Yes, you can easily customize the colors (Color Control).
Any questions please contact me.

cool modern!

Thanks a lot!