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I’m a newbie of Adobe After Effects. Your self-help MP4 file is very good !

Do all your video projects include such kind of self-help MP4 files? Thanks.

Not all, usually it’s mentioned in Item description if project comes with Video tutorial. However every project comes with at least written tutorial where I’ve explained customization process step-by-step.

My company logo is in JPG (high resolution) format. I don’t have an AI file. Does your project still work?

It takes all image formats that are supported by After Effects. The thing is – JPG files don’t have transparency channel. So your logo would have background frame around it. this can be fixed by cutting out your logo. if the background is plain white – use Effects->Keying->LumaKey Set it to “Key out brighter” and adjust the Threshold parameter.

Amazing! Congrats for be the file of the month!

Thanks! Best regards.

Great project. Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks for the freebie, great work!

I have a error : (I’m french)

It open this error when i change my logo or advance in the time thank you in advance

It’s because you’re using French version of After Effects, but it’s created in english version. Here you can read more on why it happens and how to fix it:

I keep getting a border around my image. How can I get rid of this??

See screenshot:

It looks like this frame is already in your image. It could be as tiny as just 1pixel line, but when you import it in the project it gets processed and with all effects applied it gets visible. Try to draw mask around your image in “your image here” comp. that should remove the frame. if that still doesn’t work – please send me this project with your placeholder image and I’ll check it. you can get in touch with me through my profile page

Thanks for the free project ! merry christmas too you ;)

Hello !

I have little problem, maybe somebody can help me. In the tutorial when you open the panel “Effect Controls”, in my version of AE stands: “Effec Controls: None” and there is nothing inside.

How can i do it to have all that parameters inside (lightness, extrution, etc…) ?

Thank you

You have to select the right layer before. Effect panel shows effects that are applied to each layer. If no layer is selected or if you select layer that don’t have any effects applied to it the outcome is as you described. When you select (click on) correct layer, the effect panel shows all those effects.

I found what i was looking for.

Thank you !

I have a problem. No matter which format I import my logo, it’s always blurry or not very sharp. I’m importing high res ai, pdf, psd…it doesn’t matter. It’s always blurred. It also doesn’t have any shadows like the one in your tutorial. I’m new to AE cS5, what can I do to sharpen logo and add shadows?

it shouldn’t be like that. Besides shadows are added automatically. It seams that you don’t put your logo in the right place. Please get in touch with me through my Profile page and send me your logo.

Need a little help. Followed the video tutorial, dropped in my logo, added it to the “your logo here” layer, adjusted the size, added to render queue, enabled the audio and rendered the video only to have the output come out as my logo on a plain black background with no effects and no music. The only thing I can think is that, when I first open the .aef file, I get the following error:

After Effects: this project must be converted from version 8.0×247 (Macintosh Intel) and will open as an untitled project. Standard Definition pixel aspect ratios will be updated for compatibility and improved accuracy. The original file will be unchanged.

Thoughts? Help?

The message that you got upon opening is normal. It means you’re using newer after effects version than CS3 .

Sounds like you rendered the wrong comp. You need to open the final comp called “Final output 1080p” and then add it to the render queue and render it. Looks like you’ve rendered the placeholder comp where you dropped your logo.

Can I use this with After Effects CC?

Very cool work !! :)