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Wow…this one really rocks dude…

Graphicjungle, Thanks for your comment :)

Webra, amazing project!

Best regards, Andrey

Andrey, Thanks you!

An amazing project and so wanted to purchase this, but alas.. only for CS5 .

Nice project Webra! :)

Yeremia, thanks you so much!

But all the same to you many thanks, jaytgirl ! :)

Nice, very nice!

Thanks lolivito!


amazing quality! :) good work!

Thans you very much!

Nice idea. great job

Nice to read this kind comment from you!

Very cool project!!;)

Juanmita, thank you very much! :)

Looks very good :) Great animation!

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Beautiful idea!

Steve, thanks you so much!

Is it possible to see the version without the plugins somewhere on a website or YouTube even. Does anybody have a link. I really like this but would still like to see the difference first. Tremendous contribution to creativity WebRa, your talents are noteworthy and I have shared this among various groups on Facebook.

Thank you! Unfortunately, I have only this version on Youtube.com/WEBRAA

That’s OK and thanks for the reply. Maybe someone who has the project running without the plugins will see this. Or you could briefly explain the major difference if it’s not too much trouble. If it’s just the “sparkle” missing that’s ok, I guess I just want to know if the hand still looks good without the plugins.

I really like this project but I have one small problem. I used 10 jpg images all 1920×1080 but image 9 looks too large for the frame yet is the same size as the others. What could be the problem?

The mask of images consists of 6 squares. 3 squares at length and 2 squares width. A ratio of the parties 3 to 2 = 1,5 and 1920 to 1080 = 1,77 Make the image 9 1080×1620

Thanks steniobg!