Discussion on Corporate Modular Presentation

Discussion on Corporate Modular Presentation

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Great work as always!

Awesome work Steve. Clean and good looking!


amazing work. a real corporate design. You will have a lot of sales, nice work!

Awesome presentation! Really great corporate video :)

Cool One Friend !

Great work, Steve!

great design mate! :)

Interesting concept, great job!

Cool stuff Steve , as always, congrats !

Thank you Arthur :) – Thank you ALL for your supporting comments!

I don’t know how you read in my mind like this…. Anytime i’m about to finish a web site your presentation always fits my mind and taste 100000000%

Wonderful job ! And one more coming soon in my collection :)))

So talentuous ! And Wonderful and friendly customer support as always !

I really appreciate your support Nikolas! Big Thanks!

can you help on how to extend the length of scene A?

Of course! There are two ways, one for experienced users and one easy way:
Experienced user: Double-click the “Scene A” composition to open. Go to menu composition / composition settings and type a new duration. Click the “shy” switch to show all layers. Move “Null for camera’s movement” keyframes to your new durations and synchronize texts and placeholders to the new duration.
Easy way: In the main composition, select the “scene A” layer and extend the duration through the duration column. If you use videos in placeholders they will also get stretched. See this photo:

In both cases you must move the other scenes to sync in the new duration.
If you need more help, get in touch with me through my profile page’s email. Cheers! Steve

thanks for your rapid help, great design and well constructed file

Hi Steve, great project! can you help with adding an additional slide to “scene a” basically we want to feature 4 items instead of 3.

Hey Lcreative! Thanks for your purchase. Can you please contact me through my profile’s page e-mail service? I’ll be glad to help you. Cheers!

Great! contacting you there.

Steeve you’re more than an elite author… you are a SUPER elite author… and you know why ? Because anytime i come in mind with a new setup site or project online, you just already made the video project in advance ! Sounds like super service and timing to me! You read in people’s mind, always one hit in advance ! Keep on going !

:) I am very glad this project will be useful to you Nikolas! Big thanks!

Awesome work! Very easy to work with it and fast rendering-time. 5 stars!

Millions of thanks for your feedback and for your purchase, glad you liked it! Cheers! Steve

Hello,my friend, I purchased this document, payment has been made, ask how to download this file?...i e-mail is thanks!

Toptownman,thank you for your purchase!
Go to your Videohive account (your name) / downloads and there is a download button. Click to download the file. Check this guide image for help:
Cheers, Steve