Discussion on Cinematic Slideshow

Discussion on Cinematic Slideshow

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why is this the only template i’ve ever seen on videohive where someone is asking $130 as the purchase price…....

Hello, are you still active? When I open the Project, a error came. 26 Files are missing. The project is not editable wilral only placeholders are shown.

Hi sir. Do you have English ae? Also please go to file – project setting and in expressions tab choose “legacy extend script” it is crty important

Hi, is your project compatible with the latest version? I can’t follow the footsteps you describe in your video due to multiple errors… Do you have a text document for your instructions?

Hello! Yes it’s xompatible. Can you please contact us via contact form at profile page and tell which errors you have

Hello. I’m a new user of AE. In fact, this is my first project. Is this easy to modify? I need 35 seconds, so it’s easy to change duration? Can we add video instead of pictures? Both can be used? At same time? Thanks!

Hello! For all your questions answer – Yes

I just purchased this because I need to create a slideshow and I have 123 images. I saw that other people inquired about dragging and dropping multiple photos. How can I quickly create a slideshow with 123 images?

Can you email us via profile page and I will send you all instructions

Hi, we are currently working with your Slideshow Template in After Effects CC 15.1.2. and we get several Expression Errors. Is there a new Version for the Template?

Thanks, Mathias

Answered on email

Hi again. Is there a way to email you directly? I have questions about the mask in the pre-scene comps. Even after redrawing them to outline people’s bodies, the masked layers in the final comp creates random distortions all over the place.

Hello! We already have your emails and our manager will contact soon

Hello. I purchased your this slideshow but the titles are all the same animation, they are not each unique as they appear in your tutorial. Is that an error?

Hi Nitrozme. Would it be difficult to duplicate and offset the curved lines to look like musical staves? (ie 5 lines running in parallel)

Awesome slideshow! Very good job!

Thank you!

Doesn’t even render more than 2 seconds. Keep getting render error on Mac OS Sierra, Adobe CC 2017.1:

Export Error Error compiling movie.

Render Error Render returned error.

Writing with exporter: H.264 Writing to file: /private/var/folders/... Writing file type: H264 Around timecode: 00:00:01:26 – 00:00:02:12 Rendering at offset: 1.867 seconds Component: H.264 of type Exporter Selector: 9 Error code: -1609629695

Can you please provide a fix. Thanks

Hello! Looks stange. Can u pls email us

how would I go about adding more photos then the 18 in the template.

Hello! Email us on

Hi, your template looks very good, but I cannot open it because of the version on my After Effects… is there a way to get the file compatible with CS5.5 version 10? thanks

I cannot open the project. even though I own CS5.5 Version After Effects tells me:”The file you are attempting to open was created with After Effects version 11.0.4 (Macintosh 64) and cannot be opened with this version.” but in the description of the project it says compatible with version CS5.5

Hello! This is so strange. Email us on and we’ll fix it ASAP

I bought this project and it does not work in cs5 version. Can I get a cs5 version? my email is

Hello, In my syetem: 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 4 core, 16Gb RAM,... Render complete is about 10 hours… :( is possible change any option? blur or gausian… thank you.

Turn off COLOR FX layer

I’m having problems opening the effects controller. I’m using AE 2017. Works fine except that. Can we fix this??

hello! emain us on with screens

Having problems editing text. Changing any one of the titles automatically changes all of them to the same thing.

Tried to re-download and had the same issue. Just emailed you the screenshots. Thanks!

Our team answered

Thanks so much for fixing this so quickly!

Will this work with video clips instead of still images? Would i take an eternal to render? How do you estimate to render for, example, 15 video placeholders? Thanks.

1.Yeah it works with videos. 2.This all about your system. 3.15 placeholders renders on MacBookPro 15’(Late 2015) – 1.2hr on iMac 27(Late 2015) – 40mins.

Thank you very much. This can be the deciding point on to buy it! ;)

You’re welcome! If u have any questions – ask it!


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