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Hi, this project seems to be taking a long time to render – I have just added about 18 photos to the placeholders, no other changes. I’m running a top end iMac. Rendering through AME, latest version. Any idea how I can speed it up? Many thanks Nick

Taking forever to render, and estimated time keeps going up….


Film 1:05 minutes Render 55 seconds Why is this happening?

Hello! Very strange. Can u send screens on

Hi I just bought this , but says error everytime I try to open the file in a pdf

Hi I just bought this , but says error everytime I try to open the file in a pdf

How do I open this aep file. Help thx

Hello. Email us on with screens from after effects and we will help u

Thanks for your support. Now everything works really good.

This project takes forever to render. Up to 4 Hours on my system and I have some the latest technology when it comes to computers. I have changed the composition settings to many different settings with no better outcome. I have also photoshop all 18 images to have the exact size of the video and then Save them on a lower quality to get the images below 450 kbytes per file. I have downloaded other video programs from other developers and just had to edit the file and render and be done. I don’t understand why so many people are having problems (like me) when rendering the file. I might just scrap the whole program and go with someone else.

Hey. Can u send your rendering pc configuratioN? 4hrs is not long for any prlx slideshow. you can purchase any parallax slideshow with 3d masks on videohive and all of them will have 4+ hrs rendering

Sure, But I have bought other Prlx Slideshow with the same amount of videos and it only took 25 min to render the file. Under the same settings.

Very Nice Project. Could you please email me the link to the tutorial before we buy it to see if it is easy or not. Thank you.

The tutorial of the animation. Thank you.

Ughh… stressfull… Takes forever to render even on high end PC.

Will this work with video clips instead of still images? Would i take an eternal to render? How do you estimate to render for, example, 15 video placeholders? Thanks.

1.Yeah it works with videos. 2.This all about your system. 3.15 placeholders renders on MacBookPro 15’(Late 2015) – 1.2hr on iMac 27(Late 2015) – 40mins.

Thank you very much. This can be the deciding point on to buy it! ;)

You’re welcome! If u have any questions – ask it!

Having problems editing text. Changing any one of the titles automatically changes all of them to the same thing.

Tried to re-download and had the same issue. Just emailed you the screenshots. Thanks!

Our team answered

Thanks so much for fixing this so quickly!

I’m having problems opening the effects controller. I’m using AE 2017. Works fine except that. Can we fix this??

hello! emain us on with screens

Hello, In my syetem: 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 4 core, 16Gb RAM,... Render complete is about 10 hours… :( is possible change any option? blur or gausian… thank you.

Turn off COLOR FX layer

I bought this project and it does not work in cs5 version. Can I get a cs5 version? my email is

I cannot open the project. even though I own CS5.5 Version After Effects tells me:”The file you are attempting to open was created with After Effects version 11.0.4 (Macintosh 64) and cannot be opened with this version.” but in the description of the project it says compatible with version CS5.5

Hello! This is so strange. Email us on and we’ll fix it ASAP

Hi, your template looks very good, but I cannot open it because of the version on my After Effects… is there a way to get the file compatible with CS5.5 version 10? thanks

how would I go about adding more photos then the 18 in the template.

Hello! Email us on