Cards Intro/Title Sequence

Cards Intro/Title Sequence


    CARDS is stylish and customizable Full HD intro/title sequence/slide show.

    With 16 Photo and 12 Text placeholders and massive Control Layer for customization. Uses Ray-tracer renderer which enables real reflections and more realistic results. Download includes one project with VideoCopilot’s Optical Flares and the other without OF, but with the renders of flares.

    Through the `Control Layer` you can control following:

      - change the color of each text layer separately;
      - turn on/off cards overlay;
      - separate Y axis controls for text layers for finer placement;
      - separate opacity controls for vignette, contrast, color correction and depth of field;
      - switches to turn of color overlays to show through original text or logo colors;
      - change colors of flares;
      - change colors of 3D lights;
      - change backgrounds four-color gradient colors separately;
      - change the colors of two particles systems separately;
      - turn on and off reflection plane;
      - control the text shadow density to your taste;

    Here are couple of examples:

    Cards Intro/Title Sequence - 1

    Cards Intro/Title Sequence - 2

    Cards Intro/Title Sequence - 3

    Cards Intro/Title Sequence - 4

    Cards Intro/Title Sequence - 5

What Is Included


      Instructional video is included with the download. Download also includes cards overlay layers. If you will need additional info or assistance do not hesitate to contact me.


      The download includes CS6 version, both with and without VideoCopilot’s Optical Flares.

Special Thanks


      The great music track in the preview is from eschnack. You can download it from this link: Downbeat.


      The photos used in the preview are from very talanted ollyi and you can download them from these links:

      - Photo 1 -

      - Photo 2 -

      - Photo 3 -

      - Photo 4 -

      - Photo 5 -

      - Photo 6 -

      - Photo 7 -

      - Photo 8 -

      - Photo 9 -

      - Photo 10 -

      - Photo 11 -

      - Photo 12 -

      - Photo 13 -

      - Photo 14 -

      - Photo 15 -

      - Photo 16 -


      The font used is Arial, that is found on every system.

Thank You