Soldier of Fortune Intro/Opener

Soldier of Fortune Intro/Opener


    Military Style, Glitchy, Customizable Soldier of Fortune Intro/Opener.

    It is a Full HD (1920×1080) dynamic intro, has futuristic, modern, military and sci-fi appeal, and with customization capabilities the options for usage are quite wide. Here are couple of screengrabs:





    The project contains ‘Control Layer’. You can control following:

      - Text color;
      - Text glow;
      - Image color;
      - Chromatic Aberration;
      - Vignette;
      - Element colors.

    Control Layer

What Is Included

    Sound FX

      Included you will find SFX pack. The sounds are generated by me and can be used with this or other projects.

      Sound FX


      Instructional video is included with the download. If you will need additional info or assistance do not hesitate to contact me.


      The download includes CS5.5 and CS6 versions. The project is compatible to these and above AE versions. Since it does not use any external plugins, or any new AE bundled effects, it must be compatible with AE versions below CS.5.5.

Special Thanks

    Video Clips

    Some cool clips used in the preview video and images are from following authors:

      Author: viz. Clip name: Aerobatics
      Author: ncortinhal. Clip name: Bomb Detonator Countdown
      Author: Christian Fletcher. Clip name: Boots March
      Author: Pressmaster. Clip name: Dark Basement
      Author: Pressmaster. Clip name: Determined Soldiers
      Author: Pressmaster. Clip name: Military Operation
      Author: Pressmaster. Clip name: Tactics
      Author: XnitroX. Clip name: Handcuffs Arrested-Released
      Author: XnitroX. Clip name: Hostage
      Author: Duksi. Clip name: Military Booby Traps
      Author: joebland2009. Clip name: SWAT Tank
      Author: mr-mic2. Clip name: War the Field of Battle


    The music track is from Beekirawa. You can download here: Spy Opening Theme Ident.


    The font you see in the preview is called Mecha and is 100% free. Is is made by Captain Falcon and you can download it here: Mecha.

Thank You