Call Center (Stock Footage)

Call Center (Stock Footage)

Call Center Office (FullHD / 4K Versions) 27/5

Entertainment at work: Funny moments. Inadequate customer.

Work with Charts (FullHD / 4K Versions) 17/1

Office Worker in the Light Office (FullHD / 4K Versions) 11/17

Business Traning (FullHD / 4K Versions) 3/12

Engineers Architects Develop a Building Plan (FullHD / 4K Versions) 5/6

Conclusion of the Contract (FullHD / 4K Versions) 2/7

Office Worker (FullHD / 4K Versions) /6

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Medicine (FullHD / 4K Versions) 35/19

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Medical Devices (FullHD Versions) 14

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Midnight Shots (FullHD Versions)

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Two hot-line operators with headsets sitting at computers in office and consulting clients. Group of call center workers, two young women and a man, talking to customers, the focus is on a pretty blond woman in beige suit. She typing on computer, answering questions of client and smiling. All the workers sitting in a row and wearing formalwear. You can use this footage to illustrate such topics as helpline, helpdesk, switchboard operators, customer service operators, IT support, etc. in 4k

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