AUTHOR Effects Master FFX

AUTHOR Effects Master FFX

    • Full support of older versions + New Tutorial – 13 April 16
    • Added 100 Light Leaks – Tutorial and New Preset and New Opening Titles Project for AE with Light Leaks – 20 June 16
    • Added Outlast – Tutorial and New Presets FFX – 5 May 16
    • Added Fast Text Animation – Generator + New Tutorial – 22 April 16
    • Added +50 Sound FX RoboTech Solution – 13 April 16

It’s Awesome 600+ Unique Presets for your Video or Movie. File size 2 GB !!!

If you <strong> can not download</strong>  a single file as a whole, <strong> I give you dual boot, on parts !!!</strong>


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New Update v2 | Universal Fast Text Animation – Generator and Tutorial

\\ With this generator, you can easily create your own animated text, without keys, in a couple of clicks, is very easy !!!

AUTHOR Effects Master FFX

600+ Text, Video and Solid FFX Presets.

Project & Presets Pack & Footages for After Effects Cs5-Cs6 And CC Ready

” Spice up your Projects using This unique Presets, Create And Share With No Pluggins “


Featuring :

  • Customization Flexibility
  • Change Project’s Text /Media/Logo/Other
  • Change Project’s Transitions With Ease (600+ Presets) For Unique Results
  • Dynamic Animations/Transitions/Distortion/Imitation
  • Extensive Tutorial Included How To Customise And Render The Template
  • No Pluggins ,No Pre-Renders
  • Fast Render Time
  • Support and Free Update
    • Your Download Includes:


    600+ Presets .ffx Text & Video and Solid – also Footages (Nebula,Clock,Drops on Lens), Light Leaks transition and Ae projects  

    Color Corection – Presets

  • CC Presets

    Text Animation – Presets

  • Glitch Modern Pre-Key
  • Motion Expression
  • Welcome – Presets
  • Movie Titles – Cast
  • Original Pre-Key
  • Shadow Setting
  • Working – Out Expression

    Video Conversion – Presets

  • Action Movies Effects
  • Particle Elements
  • Solid Presets
  • Vignette and Border


    50 Color Corection – Presets for Video


    400 Text Animation – Presets


    153 Video Conversion – Presets | and Awesome “Action Movies Effects”


  • Clock (2 footages)
  • Drops on Lens (3 footages)
  • Light Leaks (5 footages)
  • Space Nebula (1 footage)

    Sound FX RoboTech Solution

  • Now added (50 Sound FX)


    The Treiler Project (Resolutions HD720) But Awesome Presets for Full HD 1080p Neatly Organized Preview Comps With All Effects Applied (So You Can See In Action )

    Extensive Tutorials On How To Use And Create Your Own Effects /Transitions With Ease
    • How To Change – Project Text and Video
    • How To Change – Add Project’s Transitions And Add Music
    • How To Install – The Pressets
    • Use Of Effects :How Load
    • Use Of Effects :On Adjustment Layers How To “Resize”, Create Unlimited Unique
    • A total of 9 Tutorials (Correct use presets GLITCH,Customization Shadow Setting,How to add Presets,How to use footage Light Leaks,Solid Presets Composition,Text Presets IN & OUT,Variations – Vignette and Border,Working with preset Movie Titles Cast and Text Tutorial)



    Use Of Effects :How To Control Master Effectors And Create Your Own Effects/Transitions

    Preview each preset in the folder “Demo Presets” just double click on file “Demo Preview”


    *Note: Footage Used In Treiler Not Included Besides footage such as “Clock,Drops on Lens,Light Leaks,Space Nebula” they include!

    But you can find them here :Open space,Fog

      Infiltration – This video I personally received an official permit, do not have links!

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