3D Space Pack

3D Space Pack

UPDATE! Now pre-rendered version included UPDATE!

All projects have clone with prerendered third party plugins

Hawky presents you Space Pack 3D:

    • ONLY AFTER EFFECTS (No 3D plugin or C4D required)
    • 8 Planets, Moon, Pluto, Asteroids, Nebulas and Sun. Everything in 3D!
    (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
    • 20 megapixels textures on every Planet! You can create phenomenal zoom!
    • 7 Projects included, every automatic, NO KEYFRAMES! build by Expressions.
    • Control Panel – manage every element from the control panel!
    • Simple to use! Just place Sun and planets, lights and shadows aromatically orient towards Sun (even shadows on Uranus and Saturn rings).
    • Full model of Solar System!
    • Placeholders on every planet, automatically transparent (dependent on the distance of the camera).
      • Pre-rendered projects included
    • Instruction included

    Common projects included:

    • Project Solar system
    • Project Planet Presentation Circle
    • Project Planet Presentation 2
    • Project Planet Presentation light show
    • Project Earth Zoom
    • Naked Planets
    • Project Background Productor

    What you can control from Control Panel in Solar System Project

    (rest projects are similar with small changes):

    • Planets distance from the sun, for each individual.
    • Planets rotary speed, for each individual.
    • Planets laps speed around the sun, for each individual.
    • Moon lap speed around the earth.
    • Moon distance from earth.
    • Placeholders automatic opacity adjustment.
    • Placeholders black tint opacity.
    • Asteroids distance from the sun.
    • Planets orbits lines opacity.

    Plugins required to full customization:

      Flares from the sun – optical flares (videocoopilot, package include custom flare file)
      Background in 360 degrees – Trapcode Horizon
      Asteroids – Trapcode particular

    Pre-rendered version:

      All third party plugins are prerendered and put into separate projects. If you want partly prerendered versions (with chosen effects) please contact me.

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