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Beyond Original!

Bringing you “Never Been Done Before” items.

I create original time lapse videos and General stock footage, and soon 3d models and stock photography.

The “labs” of stock labs is that I love to experiment with new scenes and new tech-niche.


Update: 7-14-2018 A cool video of mine of an irrigation pond pumped dry will be approved soon. also expect some great storm footage.

Update: 5-3-2017 My latest timelapse is currently in the que expect too see it sometime in the next 2 weeks. the video shows where a large group of volenteers (from Muskogee) remove cleanroom floor tiles.

Update: 9-2-2015

the videos of “From Planting to Harvest” I had planned to be released this july will not be released until next year because of technical glitches in all 3 cameras. however I am currently producing a similar mega lapse to be released maybe as early as next january.

Update: 2-22-2015

I am currently recording 2 videos of wheat “From Planting to Harvest” They will be released sometime around July. be sure to look for it!!

Update: 7-14-2014

My first mega-lapse should be released today. Its titled “Wheat Maturing and harvest1”

Update: 7-7-2014

After over 2 months in production…

I have finally begun the processing of over 9000 frames of my first MEGA-lapse, eventually shortening the overall length to about 3000 frames, it will be released in about a week or two.

Older posts

I will be releasing a groundbreaking new time lapse Sometime around July. Groundbreaking as in the time it will take in production. Be sure to watch for it as it will be revolutionary!

Also I will be doing slow motion in the near future

Note: I have been re_uploading some of my earlier videos in Full Hd recently, I am not planing to do this to all my earlier videos. (my decisions on this are partly based on view count)

Almost all of my videos were recorded in 3k so if you need me to re-upload a video in either 3k or 1080p just let me know. :D

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