Soundface Production (new music inspirations)


Perfect Endless Loops:
Lowrider endless loop
Futuristic Melody endless futuristic melody loop
Atmossphere Deep & Dark endless dark loop (good for a horror atmossphere)
Cosmic Space endless cosmic space loop
Robo- Dance endless electro loop
Electronic Dream 4 endless loops
Sci-Fi Loops 8 endless sci-fi ambient loops

Soundscapes & Atmosphere Loops:
Singing Birds endless loop with singing birds
Singing Birds V2 endless loop with singing birds
Childrens Voices endless loop with children voices

Button & Click Sounds:
Buttons #01 Nice Click 01
Real Buttons #01 real button clicks (4 samples)
Real Buttons #02 real push button clicks (4 samples)
Digital Button a very good button (6 variations)
Button Pack 10 Clicks inkl. digital wristwatch

Interface- Transitions & Movement Sounds:
Transitions Pack 01
Transitions Pack 02 Machines Transitions & Movement
Interface Pack #01 a collection of 6 interface sounds
Interface Pack #02 a collection of 9 typical computer interface sounds
Transitions & Movement Pack (Machines) 14 machine fx sounds
Paper Page Flip Pack page-flip effects (15 samples) VERY NICE!
Menu Scroll Beams scroll sounds (3 variations)

Logo Jingle #01 wonderful jingles for logo or intro
Magic Flute FX ideal intro or logo sound
Magic Drop FX very good drop sound (2 variations)
Star Blink FX typical star fx sound (3 long versions & 3 short versions)

Futuristic FX Sounds:
Alien alien voice fx sound
Explousion a cool explousion sound for intro or logo

Domestic Sounds:
Cash Money Casino Pack effect sounds for casino games (13 samples)
Clock & Alert digital clock & alert (7 samples & loops)
DTMF Telephone Signals 16 DTMF Telephone Siganls (1234567890ABCD*#)
Radio Noise & Loop Pack sounds from radio… noises & loopss

Urban Sounds:
Scanner Talk Over Pack 12 scanner talk over sounds
Traina train sample

Game Sounds:
Laser & Blast Pack 16 laser & blast FX sounds
Robot Voices 5 robovoice FX sounds
Level Up FX 7 samples for games
Game Start a voice speak “game start”
Game Over a voice speak “game over”

Christmas Sounds & Loops:
Jingle Bells music

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All sounds and samples free for music and multimedia productions!

Made by Soundface Production!