Sean Wichert, Sr.

Howdy from Texas.

I help people with WordPress Themes, Plugins and Graphic Design for Web by sharing my screen using Google Hangouts, Zoom and now Recorded Sessions using Loom.

Check out the website and blog here:

You can view my 2016 lead page I created here if you like:

“Wow” Tom Desmond – ApricotLaw, Inc “Love it.” – Tim Mahoney, Mahoney & Mahoney “Cutting edge.” – Ron Ingber of Siler & Ingber, LLP. “The website looks Killer man.” – George Kindley, Kindley Law in San Diego “Looking Good” – Jeff Kennedy, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney “I am honestly just very excited about the site.” – Michael Noonan of Clark & Clark, LLC “Lightyears ahead of where it was now.” – Phil Altman, The Healthy Choice

Fun career moments:

I Developed a client-side HTML, CSS3 & JavaScript based HelpDesk Ticketing app for teleNetwork in 2014 to help their 1500+ remote tech support professionals serve 6 of America’s largest ISP’s.

I started my freelance Web Design & Development business back in 2007.

Fast forward to 2016, I served as the Lead Developer @ ( a Law Firm SEO Marketing Company ) and then Creative Director until March of 2018, & now I am back to Freelancing!

Rewind to 2007, I learned Action Script 2.0 back in 2007 from Stanford’s Lee Brimelow on at the time. ( Thanks Lee! ) Moving forward, a flash shopping cart I designed was featured on’s In the Foxhole Blog in 2008 as well as SmashingMagazine. I then got into Digital delivery with WordPress & WooCommerce as well as Shopify learning a bit of JSON & Liquid.

My marketplace stock design, development, flash & audio files have sold a little over $60,000 since 2007 and had sales on as well despite having not uploaded a new file in years so that’s an honor. :)

I won a global flash contest when I created my first Portfolio website in 2006.

Salutations, Sean Sr. Call or Text: 512-740-0054 ( Voicemails & Texts returned promptly ) Email: OR

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