More Variety in Composing | Primary EX-Exclusive Portfolio

Contains: Electronic and organic ambient soundtracks, hybrid orchestral and original scores, soundscapes, dark and light, bright and gloomy.
Competent combination of live instrumentation with synthesized timbres and tones.

and Secondary Miscellaneous Portfolio

Basis of the project “Crypt of Insomnia” is an atmospheric sound and high-skilled play, also thinking outside the box musical theories, nevertheless in parts of commercial.
Absence of new musical works can mean only one – I completely disappeared.

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2020.11.16. As a result of another reduction in the author’s share for non-exclusive authors by administration, I am forced to significantly raise prices for my future items (and for some of the old ones too). Otherwise, the percentage of my net profit (including taxes) will tend to zero.
2021.04.16 Envato raised VAT tax AGAIN. I will be forced to raise prices for future items once more.

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In these 44 collections you’ll find all tracks from the portfolio (+ some from the secondary portfolio), that are classified by types, moods and discounted themed packs:

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