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Thanks Tommy!

Thanks so much :)

Thanks Artem!!

Very nice work!

Thanks so much mate!

Thanks so much :)

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thanks very much Eric, all the best!

Thanks so much!

It is easy to change the colors?

Hey there, thanks for the message, yes there are colour controls for all elements, that can be changed with a matter of clicks. Included video tutorial explains how to do so.

Thanks so much mate!

Amazing work dude. Thank your very much.

Thanks so much Eddie, happy to hear you had a good experience, all the best!

Thanks so much mate, love your work!

This looks wonderful … I use Filmora by Wondershare … would this be compatible with it?

Hey there thanks for the message, the template requires after effects to be used :)

Why is this 48 hours package (Final Cut Pro) offer not available for After Effect?

Hey there, thanks for the message, the organisers of the promo requested an apple motion file only so unfortunately envato has only applied the discount to the FCP version.

Great looking package! Is there a license option that would allow me to use this on multiple videos? The promo itself uses the “vlog #149” example. According to the Standard License you would have to buy the package for each vlog you post, right?

Hey there, did you ever hear back from envato on this? Still would love to pick up this pack if I can use for multiple videos. Thanks!

Hey mate, thanks for getting in touch and apologies for not responding sooner. So the license can be used as many times during the duration of a series of videos, a YouTube vlog would constitute as such. For more information checkout this faqs page: Hope that helps!

Excellent! Buying it now. Thanks for the help with this!

Dear i just purchased this package, but made a mistake, i purchased it for Final cut Pro, i am not so professional and have only AE in my laptop, please advise me on how to make things fine, i cannot get FInal Cut in my laptop

Hi Salem, thanks for the message, am responding to your email now. Please note you cannot sell an item you’ve purchased, this is forbidden by the terms of service. Kind regards, Justin

Dear, i passed a joke, i am a professional trainer and I have recomended videohive to so many people, its my home.

All good Salem :) Happy to hear, all the best!

I’m using After Effects CC 2017 and I’m finding that when I put a logo in “Logo Placeholder Logo Reveals – 500×500” it’s just a white square – and if I go into that comp and click to show the layer then it doesn’t reveal, it’s just always on-screen. Is there a trick to getting this working?

Oh, and similar issue with “Background footage – Logo Reveal”.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback, yes that logo sometimes is used as a mask with the logo reveals so it needs to be a png with an alpha layer instead of other image formats. The reason is that it uses the alpha matte to mask out from the solid colour. If you send me some screenshots to I can diagnose further for you.

Kind regards, Justin

Hi. I am thinking of purchasing. I’ve had some bad experiences with after effects templates. Specifically with jagged text in titles and on the edges of objects. Can you please let me know if this is an issue with your product. Thanks.

Hey there,

Thanks for the message And interest in our product! There are no such problems with the pack and have only received positive feedback from our customers. If you have any other specific questions please ask away, would be happy to assist.

Kind regards, Justin

Hello vystina! Sounds like you have a great project here!

Please, I wonder if this project can be used on a youtube channel. As identity for the channel, specifically. If so, which license covers this use?

Thanks for a response.

Best Regards….

Hey Vitor,

Thanks for getting in touch. Both license can be used as many times during the duration of a series of videos, a YouTube vlog for example would constitute as such. For more information checkout this faqs page:

Kind regards!

Thank you very much for the clarification. Buying right now.

Fantastic, glad to hear! Good luck with your channel.

Good morning , just to check if the colors can be changed and if you provide a vido tutorial with the pack?


Hey there, yes colors can be changed and we have an included video tutorial that explains exactly how to use the template.

Thanks for your fast reply. Do have any intros available for youtube ?

the project includes 8 logo reveals, but if you’re looking for something different, I could recommend the fast opener, the dynamic opener or the rhythmic type promo, check them out at this link –