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well done!!

Great 3D work :)

Whoah all in after effects!? Great 3d work!

This is signal, extraordinary and exquisite work. It’s worth $350, and I can’t afford it at $25. But I hocked my Shitzu and bought it anyway. Looking forward to hours of eyestrain while setting it up for my own piddlin’ uses. Thanks!

You made my day! But your priorities in life seem a little crazy.

I really like your works! are all those painting in the preview made by you? :)

Thanks for the compliment. And yes the paintings are mine.

Can each placeholder be re-sized to fit the aspect-ratio of the Art Piece?

RE: I fine most of these Art Gallery video displays do not come with this option easily; which is ashamed because as we know all Art is not created equal.


maui, awesome work!!!!

thanks for the compliment.

If you can lower the price (it’s been 6 years) I’ll be more inclined to buy it!

I don’t control the pricing. Sorry, I wish I could

I’ve problem for this proj your-gallery after purchasin, can you please reply promptly thanks

nice gallery!