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Very Nice work on this one….Thank You

Very Nice work on this one….Thank You

Well done Alex!

Very nice work Alex!

nothing new for you, but: Nicely done, thumbs up :-)

How do you change the X image. The tutorial didn’t say. Don’t know what image format to use.

under shapes folder, there are 2 compositions. draw ur shape onto Solid with the mask tool , it makes extended shape

Alex, WOW ! That ROCKS ! Hey, I am REALLY interested in buying. I want to know if I can use a vector image as my shape. If I important the image how would I go about making it usable as you have in your masterpiece?



hi brian, the x is vector shape, but keep in mind that it use only the shape so it may not look as good as u imagine :) please contact me on email through my profile

Very nice job! I wish i can be that pro like you someday! I really admire you! Have a nice Day my friend!

thanks man :) Im glad that u like my work

I may just be stupid but what soft do we need to customize that piece of art?

Adobe After Effects

hahaha the ending was clutch

Hi Alex! Awesome work. Could you be a little more specific in the matter of replacing the shape. Sorry ,I’m new at this. Thank you!!

it means that u can draw some other shape than the X for the background. Different letter or the shape of ur logo , its up to you.

Your work are incredible. i could compouse music for your videos,trailers. if you are interested in it, write to me please.

Hey Alex are there any compatibility issues w/ AE CC’s latest version?

nope , everything works fine , I just didn’t updated the compatibility information but I will , thanks for the reminder