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How do I get to the template part you have at the end without the hand? Where you just see the text write on?

Hi Thank you for purchasing. Unfortunately, that is not a part of the template, it is only meant to provide information. But the animated fonts are included and the help video will show you how to use them to create something similar. Also, If you’d like to turn off the hand, you can turn off the visiblility by deselecting the eye icon to the far left of the hand layer in the Main Comp. I hope this helps. Best Regards.

Will this template work with the new CC version of AE?

Yes it should work just fine. But I haven’t tested it in AE CC.

Hello! Firstly, I love this template and have really enjoyed creating my own version. I have one issue, on my first render the project came out at a maneagable 715MB, I then noticed a spelling mistake rage when I made the second render the file size is huge at 12GB? Is there something that I need to do to?

I would recommend rendering from one of the Render Comps as a .mp4 file. Here’s a short tutorial showing some good settings to use: https://vimeo.com/24027726 I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for purchasing! Also you can contact me directly from my profile page http://videohive.net/user/motioncraver (bottom right)

Hi. I have a problem for a tamplates. I didn’t a hand.png. What I do now?

I’m not sure if I understand your question, but the hand.png file is located in the footage folder included with the template. You can reconnect it by right clicking on hand.png found in the Other Comps folder in the After Effects File and choosing Replace > Footage >File. I hope this helps. Regards.

Hi there, thank you very much for an great template. I am a beginner in AF and I was wondering if there is a short description for making the 3 Layers for Pic/Video Inserts (Layer 27, 31, 36 in projetc) a little longer?

I have placced an video-slideshow into it and the information inside the video is quite long (10-20 Sec Clips for each).

How can I exceed the layers in order for my vids to show long enough before it moves on?

Thank you very much for your help or advise.

Hello, thank you for purchasing! Unfortunately, this project is not built for an edit like the one you have described. So you would need to increase the duration of the 3 Image vid comps in the composition settings, as well as the duration of the Main Comp and Render Comp of your choice. You will then need to extend the Img Vid Comp layers and move all layers that come after that point back in the timeline. Lastly, you will have to adjust the keyframes on the Camera and Hand layers to re-align them with the layers that you moved. I hope this helps. If you would like to make use of our customization services please send me a message here for a quote http://videohive.net/user/motioncraver (bottom right) Best Regards :)

Hi there, thank you for getting back to me. I am going to sent you an message with a description in a couple minutes. I hope it’s doable for you since you know the template best. ;o) Thank you very much for your help. Talk to you soon

Hello again, I sent you a reply with a quote. We’d be happy to help.:)

Hi There.

Great Template. Just one problem

My hand.png is not available I tried the choosing Replace > Footage >File but came up with nothing. There is just some weird colour composition in its place.

Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance

Hi, I’m sorry the hear that you are having trouble with the template. Your account shows no purchase verification. But, if you purchased the project from this site, you can find the hand.png file in the downloaded folder. It will be in a sub folder called Footage. The path is Footage > Other Comps (E..) >Design Elements > Hand Image. That is the location you should choose when you use Replace > Footage > File. I hope this helps. Best Regards :)

Hi there again, sorry for bothering. I was just wondering what excactly the differences technically are between the long and short version? Thank you

Hi, it’s no bother. Thanks for asking :) In the long version each slide stays on the screen for a few more seconds. Cheers :)

HI there again, I have bought also now the “Kinetic Whiteboard” Template. My Goal would be somehow to use the Social Buttons at the end of the Video also for my “Whiteboard-Write-Template” at the end of the Scene.

Question: Do you have more social buttons than those 3 inside this project availible? How did you make them? I would just need Google+ as an extra button though instead of Instagram.

Any help or advice is appriciated. Thank you very much.

Hi again, this video will show you how to import a vector image into AE and turn it into the whiteboard style http://vimeo.com/63871750 The social icons were hand drawn but you can just grab the Google+ logo online and import it. For the already made icons in KW just copy the shape layers inside the icon comp and paste them into a new comp in WW. Hope this helps. Best Regards :)

Great work!! Love it!

A very nice logo reveal mate, good job! Best wishes!

Does it mean that I have to have a certain software to make this work? I thought it is plug and play solution? I am not techie nor have time to learn new software. Please help or refund. I only have microsoft office on my computer and adobe reader

Hi, yes you need Adobe After Effects to use this template.

You can request a refund here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=37840

I also offer affordable customization services, for customers. I’d be happy to create the perfect video for your project. You can send me a message via my profile page here: http://videohive.net/user/motioncraver if you are interested.

Best Regards :)

quick question does this template have changing characters, like male or female?

Hello, I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. This project only has male characters. Thank you for purchasing!

Beautiful work!

Thank you!

Other than the “Extra Illustrations” folder, is there somewhere I can download more illustrations? For example, I would love to have a desktop computer illustration or something to suggest computer network.

Hi Thank you for purchasing! I can send you an illustration of a computer if you send me a message from my profile page https://videohive.net/user/motioncraver BUT you will have to import it and animate the hand frame by frame yourself. Instead, you may be interested in the Whiteboard Wow template: https://videohive.net/item/whiteboard-wow/7241824 it has the most drawings of all of my Whiteboard templates. Kind Regards :)